A Locksmith For All Your Car Hassles

Car security is not something most of us give much thought to; we lock our cars with the push of a button and that is that. Unfortunately, there are a whole host of issues that locksmiths in Adelaide encounter on a daily basis when they respond to automotive troubles. It is best to be aware of these problems and try to consciously avoid getting into one of these sticky situations.

So the most common is certainly the old ‘I lost my keys’ scenario, including the popular ‘I locked my keys inside the car’ variation. In these situations a new key needs to be cut to enter your car. A mobile locksmith will be needed so that they can inspect your car, as you obviously cannot drive to them. It is a wise choice to have the number of an emergency Locksmith in Adelaide on hand, especially if you find yourself locked out when parked in a car parking station, as the waiting time can really cost you. You might even get locked in for the night if you have to wait too long. If you have definitely misplaced your keys, then you might want to consider having your car locks refitted to ensure that no one other than you has access to your vehicle.

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The next problem is also a common one. Keys are flimsy things, and it is not surprising that after being used several times per day for years on end, they will eventually twist or even snap off. If they snap off inside your car door lock then your problem is twofold. Not only do you not have a key, but your lock is also jammed. If the key is twisted but intact, then call a mobile locksmith immediately. A good one will be able to carefully straighten the key so that a copy can be made for future use. If the key snaps entirely this is tricky to do. It is better to wait until a professional arrives on the scene to deal with the problem in the smartest way possible. It may also be the case that the sharp edges of your key have smoothed after use, and no longer hold the leverage they once did. Again, this makes your key more vulnerable to snapping. We can recut the same key to redefine the edges at a very small cost.

Aside from losing or jamming your key, there may be an issue solely with the lock. Perhaps it is simply deciding not to turn. In colder climates it isn’t rare for locks to freeze or become clogged. Usually all it takes is some graphite powder, a staple in any locksmith’s bag, and the disaster is averted. Locks on your boot of glovebox can encounter the same problem, and it does take the experienced eye of a locksmith to find a quick and long term solution.

Transponder keys are somewhat trickier than standard manual keys, and if this is your situation then you should get in touch with someone who specialises in this technology, as not all locksmiths will have the equipment on hand to rekey or refigure transponders. Contact Knight Locksmiths at Knightlocksmithsadelaide.com.au for more information about our talented locksmiths assistance in Adelaide.

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