You can use your garden sprayer to clean the windows

When it comes to finding great new uses for handy agricultural sprayers, all it takes is a little creativity. Garden sprayers are portable devices that can help any homeowner tackle their backyard weeds. Simply fill the tank with a pesticide, place the sprayer on your back like a backpack, and pull the trigger. There is no manual pumping to build pressure like there was with older models.

Garden- Sprayer
However, switch the pesticide with water or detergent and you have yourself a whole new machine. Backpack sprayers are really ideal for cleaning windows. This is a job that when done by hand is labour intensive, time consuming, and can really damage your back. A backpack sprayer allows you to just point and shoot with a considerable amount of power, rather than having to bend down and really scrub to get those grime marks to lift.

Windows are tricky to clean because they are transparent. There can be no residue or product left over otherwise it will leave smear and streak marks that disrupt your view. Cleaning by hand, people tend to use up and down or circular motions, but really these just move the dirt around without getting rid of it for good.  A pressure washer will blast the dirt away and the water just travels down the glass to the ground. Ensure you complete your clean on an overcast day. If it is too hot, the water will evaporate too quickly leaving water spots.

Another reason why window cleaning can cause headaches is that some of them are particularly difficult to reach, especially when they are on the second storey of a home. We have all seen those abseiling cleaners scaling large commercial buildings, but this seems a bit excessive to just get to a second storey. Indeed, there are services where you can pay to have scaffolding erected around your house solely for the purpose of cleaning windows! As you might expect, this costs many hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Many homeowners try to wait until they are doing renovations or reroofing, or some other task which requires scaffolding and then have their windows cleaned at the same time. That can work, but you might be waiting a while.

By contrast, a pressure sprayer can allow you to reach your upstairs windows without scaffolding. A hose may get some water on the windows from the ground, but it is far from effective. There is not enough pressure to scrub the grime. A pressure sprayer nozzle is fixed to the end of a long hose. Furthermore, there is an arm attachment that can extend its reach by a metre. This means you can get the nozzle right up to the window and deliver the full water pressure where it is needed.

There are a million other uses for your backpack sprayer other than for killing weeds. Deliver nutrients to the garden, or wash anything form windows to driveway. Please get in touch with Green Gorilla for our versatile agricultural sprayers range

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