What is the Best Time for Pool Heating Maintenance in Brisbane?

When you are doing laps in your swimming pool, the last thing to cross your mind is usually your pool heating maintenance in Brisbane. So, while we are on the topic what is the best time of year to take care of your pool heater? According to the experts, the best time of year is winter, when your pool is least used. Let's take a closer look at why winter is the best time for your pool heating maintenance in Brisbane.

Summer is no Time for a Service

It makes sense to take care of your pool heating maintenance in Brisbane when you aren't using your pool all that often. So, winter it is then right? Until you get your pool heater serviced, you don't know what problems could be lurking inside. 

Any repairs needed means that your heater could potentially be out of commission for a few days. A lot of people also install their new solar heaters or take care of repairs leading up to summer, so waiting until you go to use your pool again could put you at the bottom of the waiting list.

Pool Heating Maintenance in Adelaide

What are the Possible Reasons Why I may need Maintenance?

Pool heating like solar needs little maintenance, however, other pool heating options like gas and electric may require yearly pool heating maintenance in Brisbane. To ensure that your pool heater is working at full capacity, your pool repairer will take a look at the heater pump and calibrate it if required. 

The temperature gauge will also need to be looked at in order to ensure that there are no major variations in your pool temperature. If your pool heating is provided by solar panels or strip collectors, it's a good idea to ensure that these are looked at by a professional to make sure that they are not damaged and are clear of any build up and leaves. 

During routine pool heating maintenance in Brisbane, your water flow valves should be checked to ensure they are functioning properly, as well as a full test and flush of the system. If your pool heating hasn't been used for some time, leaking and lifting of the matting may occur which is why general maintenance is also important. A gas heating system may require the cleaning of the pilot assembly, main burner and heat exchanger.

Take Care of Problems before you want to use your Pool

Like with anything, it's important to knock problems on the head first before they get any worse. Many pool heating problems can be discovered during routine inspections, so do yourself a favour and take care of any maintenance in the off season. That way you have zero problems when it comes to the warmer months.

And there you have it, winter is the best time to take care of all your swimming pool heating maintenance needs. For any further questions about maintenance or for a new range of Pool Heating Options in Brisbane.

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