Have you Ever Given your Roof Cleaning a Second Thought?

When it comes to maintaining your roof, there are good and bad methods out there. The aim is to get enough pressure and force so that you can remove some of the built up debris on your roof tiles. Too soft, and you won’t really give your Roofing in Melbourne a proper clean. Too hard or abrasive, and you risk damaging the tiles or weakening the waterproofing.   

There are people out there who believe that natural rainfall does a satisfactory job of cleaning your roof. Unfortunately, this is simply wrong. Rainfall falls in single drops, and while it may eventually wet the entire roof area, it not the same as water blasting it. Rain falls very softly and would do nothing next to the pressure of a machine or even a hose. 

Besides, rainwater doesn’t contain any of the chemicals or soaps that might be in other cleaning methods. Water alone is hardly enough to scrub those resilient stains and marks.

Roof Cleaning Melbourne

The next option is to use a high pressure hose from the ground and aim it toward the roof. While this is an easy solution, it certainly does not make it an effective one. From the ground, the pressure of the hose will not reach the tiles. Furthermore, form this low position you are totally blind to the really dirty spots that need close attention. You’ll have no way of knowing if you’ve done a thorough job or not. 

While it can be dangerous for you to get on the roof, a professional will be able to get up close to your roof and do the job properly. Don’t ever set foot on the roof yourself. Propping a ladder up is dangerous in its own right, not to mention treading on a slanted surface that you’re applying moisture to.   It is advised that you should book your roof cleaning service on an overcast day. It gets hot up there on the roof, and higher temperatures means water evaporates more quickly. 

This is a bad thing for your roof cleaning, because it means that water leaves behind a salty and potentially soapy deposit, just like water spots on your car. Half of the point of roof cleaning is to get rids of marks like these. Doing the job on a 40 degree day is not going to deliver the best result when compared to a 20 degree, cloudy day.   Believe it or not, the procedure for professionally cleaning a roof is actually very complex and will vary depending on your roof and its unique condition. 

There are endless techniques that can be employed to get the best result, from sweeping, manual brushing, low pressure and high pressure washing, air blowing and chemical treatment application.  It pays to leave your roof cleaning in the capable hands of an experienced team. Please feel free to get in touch with the Coghlan Roofing team at for all of your Roofing Services Across Melbourne

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