An experienced plumber is inevitable to deal with Blocked drains Oakleigh!!

Everyone one time or another have experienced blocked drains at a residence or working place. Blocked drains Oakleigh is always a nuisance as they obstruct the smooth running of daily activities in your house or at the place of work. Hindered drains bring out the stale smell and so should be cleaned instantaneously in order to preserve a healthy atmosphere. Nowadays, plumbers are well equipped with the latest technology that facilitates to recognize the reason behind the blockage. New technology also makes unblocking the drain easy using contemporary methods that cause negligible damage to the pipes. 

· The Reasons behind blocked drains: 

There are numerous grounds by which your drains can get totally or partially blocked. Fatty and greasy stuff that are washed down from kitchen sink can cause the drain to block. Oily substances do not go down the drain, but get wedged onto the inner layer of the pipes. This oil thus hoards with time and as the result cause the pipe to block. 

Flushing down sanitary items and baby wipes down the toilet can make it block. Kids can flush big articles like toys down the toilet that make it obstruct. The leaves can also block the pipes if they are not removed and disposed of appropriately from your property.   

Blocked Drains Oakleigh

· Tools that are used to unclog blocked drains: 

The most common tool that is used to open a clogged pipe is the plumber snake or plumber’s auger. It is a long cord or wires that are three to six feet in length. It is lowered into the drain to that point where the drain is blocked. Then a plumber turns and twists in order to break down the blockage into little pieces until the plumber feels no more resistance. A hydrojetter can also be used to clean blocked drains Oakleigh. It is a tool that uses a high pressure of water to clean the pipe. The plunger of this tool is lowered into the pipe and releases water with high pressure that reduces the clog into little portions that can flow down the pipe.  

· Use of technique:

Progression in technology has made the complete process effortless and easier for plumbers as it provides a more accurate analysis of plumbing problems so that the plumber can select the effective solution as per the problem. Plumbers can also identify the reason behind the blockage with drain cameras. This camera is lowered down the pipe and the plumber can view the insides of the drain from a monitor. Apart from recognizing the cause of the blockage, the plumber can also see the state of the pipe. Based on the condition of the pipe he can use an appropriate method of cleaning the blocked drains Oakleigh to cause the least damage to pipes.

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