Let’s Know Something More About Balustrades

With its unique structure and enchanting look, balustrades have gained a universal importance, particularly when it comes to decorating a house or building. But it is also true that balustrades are not the result of today’s new and juvenile architectural phenomenon. The history of balustrades can be traced back to the time of Roman realm. During that period, when the frontrunners or the monarchs used to develop huge mansions and palaces, they usually integrated these balustrades in their houses as a major feature of the external and internal architecture.


The importance of balustrades has transcended down the historical upheavals and these days’ balustrades have become a prime component for home decoration. Hence, nowadays balustrades play a significant role in our life because apart from providing safety they also intensify the beauty and look of our building or house. They are made up of different materials including metals, stones, woods, glass or polyurethane etc. Different materials like stones, metals, woods and glass are usually used to make these balustrades.
Since balustrades assure us safety, so their construction should be carried out very cautiously. Balustrades should be UV resistant and as well as humidity or moisture resistant. Iron balustrades are well- applauded and appreciated by the people all over the world because they are very sturdy and are less susceptible to damages.

A wider variety can be seen in stone balustrades. Stone balustrades are usually made in straight, rounded or vase-like shapes so that they can easily allure the customers. The wooden balustrades are also designed elegantly and hence; they can easily uplift the look of a home. But wooden balustrades are needed to maintain carefully as wood is more viable to moisture or humidity.
Though depending on individual’s choice the height of the balustrades varies but a certain standard should be followed by all the manufacturers of balustrades. For internal balustrades, the height should be around 0.9m, while on the other hand, for external purposes, the height of the balustrades should be minimum 1.1m. According to individual taste and choice, a person can choose the colour of the balustrades.

There are numerous companies in Adelaide which are specialized in balustrades Adelaide and provide a wide range of balustrades to their customers.

Today, balustrades are available in a number of different designs. While we are choosing a design for our balustrades, we need to keep in mind that the design of the balustrades should go well with our building or home. If we discover that the design of the balustrades does not match the design of the building or interiors, then undoubtedly the whole place will just look messy and odd.


While we are planning to build balustrades, then we can’t ignore the selection of the material for balustrades. If we are planning to install balustrades at our outdoors, then we should go for that kind of balustrades which will last for a long time. In that case, steel, iron, and glass can be our options. But for steel and iron balustrades, we need some kind of coating in order to prevent rusts. That’s why glass balustrade would be our utmost choice for outdoor purposes.
If we are planning to install balustrades inside our house then, wood would be our best option. It is also true that wood balustrades are also mesmerizing in terms of look.

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