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A runny nose, excessive sneezing, and itchy eyes will sound familiar to those who are prone to allergies and hay fever. It is mostly due to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and allergens inside the home, especially in the carpets.

These symptoms worsen with the poor air quality. Hence, by keeping the carpet clean you can significantly reduce the chances of allergies and improve the air quality in your workplace or home

Typical Household Stains:

In the majority of homes, some typical household stains can be found. They are:
  • Tea and coffee stains- These are the similar in nature, as both are caffeine-based.
  • Red wine- Parties and stains go hand in hand.
  • Water damage stains- Stains made by the washing machine, radiator, dishwasher or refrigerator, flood, etc can be removed with the help of professional carpet cleaning agents.
  • Pet urine stains- These are the most difficult types of stains to be removed. The yellow discoloration part of the stubborn stain is usually permanent. Also, the urine is acidic and burns the fabric. Hence, it stays for a longer period of times.
Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Top Carpet Cleaning Tips:

Vacuum: Vacuuming the carpets is important. You must vacuum the carpet thoroughly as often as you can. Most of the wearing and soiling of the carpet is caused by dirt. Oily soils attract more dirt and frequent vacuuming will reduce the buildup of dirt particles.

Remove stains quickly: Majority of stains can be removed easily if they are cleaned thoroughly immediately. The longer a stain is left to react chemically with the carpet, the harder it will be to remove it.

Test a spot: It is the best way to clean a carpet.  Before any scrubbing, extracting or rubbing, it is always better to test a spot instead of the whole carpet. Carpets differ from each other in the type of material, etc. Carpets can be dye sensitive or vulnerable to acids or alkaline detergents.  So, you should look at the backside marker for cleaning instructions.

Neutralize: Do not use overly harsh cleaning agents for cleaning the carpets unless specified on the marker. Neutralize high alkaline or high acid cleaners rapidly after use.

Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide

Do not dig or brush spots: Digging, brushing or rubbing can cause damage to the carpet fabric. If needed, scrape the spot towards the middle and then pack the spot into a piece of towel or cloth.

Do not Overuse of cleaning solutions: Using too much of cleaning solutions can be harmful to the carpet fabric. It will result in residual leftovers in the carpet which may be difficult to remove even after vacuuming.

Moisture: Most carpet cleaning solutions are chemically active. They do not need a large amount of water. So, over-wetting can cause carpet shrinkage, brownout, and all kinds of carpet damage.

Remove residue: Periodic steam cleaning is recommended. It will flush out the dirt and other particles trapped deep into the carpet fabric.

Do not coat: Do not apply a coat of carpet protector to the carpet. This makes it harder to remove it. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning, then either re-extract dirt and soil or leave it for the next cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaning helps to maintain the carpet in excellent condition without any hassles.

Carpet cleaning can be a tedious job. Professional Carpet cleaning Adelaide offer services to clean the carpet to remove dust, dirt, and allergens. Also, a professional aid can help in removing stubborn stains. These experts handle stains day in and day out.

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