Precautions Taken While Using CPAP Machines in Melbourne

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is a common treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. A CPAP machine is used to maintain a constant and steady air pressure. There may be many people in Melbourne suffering from this disorder and this CPAP device can be useful for them.

Precautions while using the CPAP machine:

There are certain precautions which can be taken that make the use of CPAP machine or the mask more convenient or user-friendly. The problems that the person could face while using this CPAP Machine suppliers in Melbourne include:

Style of the mask: A wide range of CPAP masks are available such as full face masks that cover the mouth and nose, with the straps that stretch across the cheeks and forehead while there are some masks that have nasal pillows which cover less portion of the face. The mask style should be selected depending on the person’s comfort.

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Size of the mask: The CPAP masks are available in various sizes thus a person should select a size which is more comfortable.

Getting used to CPAP device: To get used to CPAP device, one can use it while awake. This makes it more comfortable even while sleeping. 

Difficulty while tolerating the forced air: The rate at which the air is forced can be maintained by the ramp feature which is available on the device. This ramp feature helps to allow the CPAP device to start with a low air pressure which gradually increases to the desired pressure. 

Dry and stuffy nose: The continuous flow of the air causes the nasal path to become dry and stuffy; this can be prevented by using the CPAP device which has the feature of providing heated humidifier to the air pressure machine. This makes the level of humidification adjustable thus increasing the level of comfort.

Fleeing claustrophobic: The person can use the CPAP mask at first without any use of the straps and then as it becomes more comfortable and convenient while using the same, the person can use the mask with the straps with the air pressure turned on while sleeping. This will make one more comfortable with the use of the device even while sleeping.

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Leaky masks, skin irritation or pressure sore: Masks must be selected properly and so if you find any CPAP mask that is leaky, it is advisable to avoid using the same as this may cause problems while maintaining the required air pressure. 

The CPAP mask should be such that it should not cause any irritation to the skin of the person using it. The CPAP device should fill well and not direct the air towards the eyes.

Difficulty while falling asleep: This problem may arise if the person is not accustomed to the use of the mask. Thus using the mask while still awake can help in sleeping to a greater extent by making the use of device comfortable.

Dry mouth: If the person has a habit of breathing through the mouth, then this device may lead to dry mouth. This can be prevented by using the device which has a chin strap which helps to keep the mouth closed during the use avoiding dry mouth.

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 Annoying noise:  Most of the devices are silent but if there is a problem with the noise, one can check the filter of the device.

So, next time when you go to buy this device to treat sleep apnea; make sure to keep these things in mind as this can help you to get a better device or it is advisable to purchase it from well known CPAP Machine suppliers in Melbourne in order to get the quality product.

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