Pergola – A Great Invention

Pergola seems to be really an amazing invention as it is a feature that adds beauty to any garden and easily links garden to home. What exactly this pergola is? Who discovered this unique thing? These questions can definitely come to someone’s mind using pergola.

Pergola is nothing but simply a garden feature that forms a shaded walkway as well as sitting area of vertical posts that uphold cross beams. “Pergola” is a word defined from Latin language “Pergula” which means projecting eave. These are different from green tunnels. Pergola is a huge open structure which doesn’t have any internal seating.

From where did they originate?

These artificial pergolas originated from natural gardening styles of 19th and 18th century. Pergolas with powerful cross beams were the center of attraction in any gardens designed in 19th and 20th century.

Structure of Modern Pergolas:

Today, in 21st century; these are designed from wood, vinyl, fibreglass and aluminum as well as chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. Wooden pergolas are either prepared from weather resistant wood or coast red wood.

The wood is treated with preservatives before making pergolas so that it can be used outdoors. Instead of wood, one can also use vinyl, fibreglass, aluminium and CPVC. These don’t need regular maintenance and they never get stained like wooden pergola. Their manufacture can even make them stronger and long lasting as compared to that of a wooden pergola.

Different types of pergolas are available in the market i.e. freestanding as well as attached ones. Professional pergola developers use various materials and finishes based on personal style and requirements.

Experts use quality materials such as color bond, laminated timber, Eco friendly timber and CCA Timber. Irrespective of the material you select to develop your pergolas, every structure comes with five year guarantee.

You can get proper pergolas developed as per Australian standards and designed in such a way that it can withstand severe Australian conditions.

The need for these Pergolas:

Pergolas give you additional space to use and serve as a separate room to live in. Adding perfect outdoor furniture to it can make it a space that you love to live in and enjoy. These have an airy atmosphere and can be used all year around.

Irrespective of whether it is rain or sunshine; pergola will protect you from all seasons. You can either make it an amazing garden or decorate it as a beautiful room; choice is yours.

Pergolas developed by experts give you complete peace and comfort. Always opt for professional pergola builders to get your needs met. Wish to know more about these beautiful artificial structures? Get in touch with us at Pergolarific, Pergolas builders Adelaide Australia where you will get perfect pergolas developed at very affordable costs.

Hope this blog post gave you good knowledge about this ongoing trend of having this artificial structure built in your home. Stay tuned for more such updates about the same. Feel free to reach us for any queries related to pergola production in Adelaide.

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