Reasons to Choose Glass Balustrade in Your House

Australia is one of the most sought after country. It is well-known for a wonderful lifestyle. Adelaide is popular and most preferred city amongst the people and they choose this city to settle and enjoy their life. It serves as the capital city of South Australia. As compared to other cities in Australia, Adelaide is comparatively more happening and affordable.

Accommodation in Adelaide is not an issue and you can find beautiful houses here. Majority of the houses in Adelaide have pergolas or verandahs adorned with magnificent balustrades. Basically, balustrades are the railings which are supported by several molded shafts called as balusters.  Balustrades are very commonly used in many homes to support balconies, staircases, etc. Balustrades can be manufactured from several materials, like wood, stainless steel, iron, and stone, glass, etc.

Benefits of Using Glass Balustrade :

In Adelaide, glass balustrades are extremely popular owing to its huge number of benefits. Here is the list of some benefits of frameless glass balustrade Adelaide:

glass balustrade Adelaide

Illusion of More Space : Use of clear, see through the glass in the property, the area appears larger than the original. Glass thus, gives the illusion of more space.

Increases Beauty : Glass balustrade adds to the beauty of your home or building. It looks more elegant and sophisticated. Also, glass reflects light which ultimately adds charm to the property.

No Light Blockage : Glass does not block light and hence you can see through the glass balustrades. Thus, you can enjoy beautiful views of your home without any obstruction.

Easy To Clean and Maintain : One of the most important advantages of using glass for balustrade is that it is easy to clean and maintain. You can wipe and clean the glass with minimal efforts in just a few minutes.

Also, in the case of scratches or damage, you can easily restore the beauty of glass balustrades at lower prices by polishing.

Simple Installation : As compared to other materials, these are easy to install.

Strong and Safe : With the advancement in technology, it is possible to manufacture strong and safe glass. If you use thick tempered glass, it rarely breaks. In the worst case, if the glass balustrade breaks, then also the tempered glass pieces are not sharp and hence safe for everyone especially children.

semi frameless glass balustrades Adelaide

Chic Appearance : Glass balustrades offer sleek, chic and contemporary appearance. It is an ideal décor material and can be easily blended with any interior or exterior décor. Thus, it offers wonderful design versatility.

Eco-Friendly : It is widely known that glass is chemically inert and recyclable material. Thus, it is an eco-friendly material.  Also, glass does not release harmful substances like metals during corrosion over a period of time. In fact, with glass, you do not face this kind of problem.

Types of Glass Balustrades :

There are two popular types of glass balustrades:

Frameless Glass Balustrades :
These are widely used for achieving a modern look. However, it should be noted that as per the Australian standards, frameless balustrades do have a top rail or an offset rail.

Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrades : Another popular type of glass balustrades is which are semi-frameless. It has a top rail and the glass panels are installed between each balustrade post.

Always buy and install your glass balustrade from well known suppliers of Glass Balustrades in Adelaide as they will properly carry out the balustrade installation.

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