Quick Guide on Selecting Proper Decking Material

Decking provides some additional area outside the house which can be used for various purposes like for party, entertainment or just relaxation. It is a small elevation from the ground level which is connected to the house. Most of the houses in Adelaide prefer having a deck which also enhances the value of the house.

Points of consideration:

There are few important points that need to be considered before building the decks. These points include:

- Location: The location of the deck should be such that optimum sunlight and the wind are available.

- Budget: The budget should be decided in advance as it helps to decide the pattern and the materials to be finalized.

- Purpose: The pattern and the appearance of the deck should be decided based on the purpose for which it is to be built.

Decking Adelaide

Types of decking material:

There are various types of decks depending on the function or the purpose. The decks are generally built using hard or soft wood or by using composite. Both of these materials are abundantly used for decking in Adelaide. Both these materials have their own benefits over each other for various different reasons.

Wooden decking:

The wooden decking can be built by using either hardwood or the softwood. This can add several benefits to the house such as:

- Appearance: Wooden decking helps to give a natural look to the outside area of the house. It can also be used to give an antique look to the deck.

- Varieties: Various types of softwoods include Pine, Cedar, etc., whereas different types of hardwood include Ipe, Elondo, Iroko, Teak, Cumaru, Merbau, Belinga, Kurupay, etc.

- Costing: The costing varies from each type of wood. Select the best type depending on the affordability as better the type of wood, more will be the durability.

- Ease of installation: Wooden decking is easy to install as it does not require pre-drilling.

- Durability: The woods like Ipe, Mahogany, etc can withstand various climatic conditions and hence are more durable. Sealing and staining of the wood also help to increase the durability of the wood. 

- Maintenance: The wooden decking needs less maintenance as it can be polished using a non-abrasive cleaner to get its shine back.

Apart from wooden decking, composite decking also is beneficial.

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Composite decking:

Composite decking is made up of a mixture of wooden starch along with the polypropylene. It contains around 60-80 percent of wood thus difficult to differentiate from wood at first look.

- Eco-friendly: It is made by recycling of plastic, wood fibers, wood starch, sawdust, etc. which decreases the waste burden.

- Colors: Composite decks are available in different vibrant colors as compared to the wooden decks.

- Durability: The composite material also contains plastic and other material thus may get affected by pollens or mould which may affect its durability. 

- Maintenance: It has very low maintenance as it can be coated with sealant to make it usable even in the moist and wet conditions also it does not require frequent painting. It can be washed with mild detergent.

When comparing these two materials for decking, the wood will help to give a natural look to the deck with more durability whereas the composite deck will be eco-friendly, cheap and easy to maintain. Thus, the selection of the best option for decking material depends on the requirement, purpose and budget of the individual.

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