Guide for Buying A Sleep Apnea Machine

Sleep apnea is a disorder in which person suffers from shallow breathing or pause while breathing during the sleep. The person feels like choking due to shortness of breath which may result in snoring sound before the breathing resumes. Sleep apnea disrupts the normal sleep cycle which may cause tiredness.

Need For Sleep Apnea Machine:

There are various precautions that can be taken to reduce the chance of sleep apnea by avoiding alcohol and smoking, sleeping on the side, etc. If sleep apnea is not treated, then it may increase the risk of heart disorder, diabetes, etc. Sleep apnea machine helps the person to breathe at regular interval by keeping the airway open.

Buying Sleep Apnea Machine:

With the change in lifestyle, many people are suffering from sleep apnea in Melbourne. As a result, there are various types of sleep apnea machines available in the market. There are certain points that need to be checked while buying the sleep apnea machine in Melbourne which includes:

Inspection of the sleep apnea machine: There are certain tests which are carried out on the machine before it is declared fit for the use. The inspections that are carried out on the machine include:
  • Calibration of the manometer: The machine manometer should be properly calibrated so that it helps to properly calculate the accurate pressure settings.
  • Ionization air purifier: The machine should be properly checked for the working of the ionization air purifier which allows circulation of healthy air.
  • Blower test: The machine should pass the blower test.
  • Data card working: The data card should be checked properly for its working and capacity so as to monitor its operation.
  • Quality of the sleep apnea machine: The machine quality is defined by various factors like:
  • Ramp: Ramp is the feature of the machine which helps to gradually increase the air pressure from low to the required pressure that makes sleep apnea machine comfortable for the patients.
  • Leak compensation: For any type of the sleep apnea machine will have a certain amount of small air leakage which can create a problem for maintaining the air pressure.

Thus this feature of leak compensation will take care of these leaks and help to maintain the necessary pressure.

  • Data recording: This feature of the machine helps to monitor the breathing and trace any abnormal breathing. It can also help to record and keep a check for any air pressure leakage through the machine.
  • Mask alert: This feature will allow the machine to give some signals like beep or vibration to alert the patient if the mask gets moved from its original place. This will help the patient to make an adjustment and get the mask to its position.
  • Selecting comfortable device: Patient can select the type of the sleep apnea machine depending on its requirement and comfort. The patient can opt for the mask which will cover only the nose or the entire face. The size of the mask should be selected such that it perfectly fits.
  • Cost of the machine: One can check various suppliers of the sleep apnea machine and compare the cost before selecting any device. Thus, considering all these factors, one can select the right sleep apnea machine to get the maximum benefit from it.

Thus, considering all these factors, one can select the right sleep apnea machine to get the maximum benefit from it.

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