Rain Water Harvesting Pumps - An Overview

The driest city in Australia, Adelaide serves as the capital of South Australia. This city has a Mediterranean climate and hence it experiences moderate rainfall annually. To overcome the water crisis, people of Adelaide have started rainwater harvesting in large number. The rainwater is collected from roofs, etc and stored for further use.

Benefits of Using Rain Water Harvesting System :

Following are the advantages of using Rainwater harvesting system:

Easy Maintenance : The systems used for collection of rainwater works on simple and easy technology. Hence, overall installation and operation cost is much lower. Maintenance of rainwater harvesting system is simple, time saving and energy consuming.
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Reduce Bills : Water which is collected in the tanks of the rainwater harvesting systems can be utilized for numerous non-drinking functions. Thus, this helps to reduce utility bill.

Irrigation : As rainwater is free from various harsh chemicals it can be used for irrigation and watering gardens.  Minimize Usage of Ground Water: With the help of rainwater harvesting system, one can reduce depletion and usage of the precious ground water.

Connection of Rainwater to The Water Mains :

To use the harvested rainwater, plumbing projects are very common in Adelaide. The collected water is stored properly in rainwater harvesting tanks to protect from any sort of contamination. The rainwater system is designed brilliantly in order to lower the risk of contamination as well as to provide an air gas. Also, measures are taken to prevent the backflow of water. Water pumps installation in Adelaide play an important role in the rainwater connection system.

The rainwater harvesting pumps are also known as ‘pressure pumps’ and they offer adequate pressure that ultimately aids in water pumping. A plethora of pump choices are available in the market and you can select one depending on your pumping needs.
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Types of Pumps :

As you will be spoiled for choices in pumps Adelaide, here are some important features which you can check before buying one: Submersible Transfer Pump: They are low-pressure pumps. Generally, these types of pumps are used to transfer the rainwater to other water tanks.

Submersible Pressure Pumps : If you need to create high pressure for water transfer, then this is the best choice of the water pump.

Surface Pressure Pump : These pumps work wonderfully and have a built-in system. Depending upon the water level in the rainwater tank, it directly controls the start and stops of the pump. This pump helps to prevent dry-running of the tank and pump.

Automatic Pump Controllers : If you do not have a large pressure tank, float switch and pressure switch then surely opt for this pump device. In this pump controller the inlet is connected to the pump and also to the outlet of the plumbing system. It shuts automatically to prevent complete drying of the tank.

It is crucial to keep a regular check on the operation of the pumping system. Check for unusual or no noise from the pump. It is advised that the strainers and filters should be cleaned every 6 months. Install a high-quality rainwater tanks and pump which offers trouble and stress-free service for up to 10 years.

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