So What Is The Difference Between Roof Restoration And Roof Repair In Doncaster

"There is no real difference between roof restoration and roof repair for my Doncaster home right?”

WRONG! There are some major differences between needing a roof repair in Doncaster and having a roof restoration. Let’s take a look at the key differences right now.

So, if my roof leaks a bit when it rains, a full roof restoration will fix it?

If a roof restorer tells you this is correct, they are taking you for a ride. The only way your roof will stop leaking is when it is repaired, not simply restored. A company that just does roof restoration might try to convince you that by cleaning your roof and giving it a new paint job, that this will fix any leaks. This is not entirely correct. A roof restoration basically gives your roof a makeover, while a roof repair fixes certain parts of your roof that may be leaking or broken. If you do not fix a roof leak it will lead to damp and warped timber inside your home, stained and sagging eaves, blistered or peeling paint, and possible termite infestations. Does this sound expensive to you? It can be if you don’t fix it first.

Does that mean if my roof is leaking I should get it repaired first?
Definitely! Even if you want to add new tiles or give your roof a new coat of paint, you should have any repairs taken care of first. A leaky roof can be caused by many things such as aging and general wear and tear, weather (hail stones, fallen tree branches), pests, and other things. Restoration before a roof is repaired can actually exacerbate leaks by compromising the drainage paths on a roof and creating further leaks. A leaking roof can cause a massive amount of damage to the inside of your home including the ceilings, carpet, floorboards, walls, furniture, and electrics. Excess water leaking through the roof is also the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew. Repairing your roof first will prevent any future damage to your most prized possessions, and will ensure that your roof is completely leak free and fully functional before any restoration works are done.

When do I need a roof restoration?

Roof restorations depend on a few things. A roof restoration will pressure clean any fungus or lichen that grows on your roof. Restoration can also involve re-bedding any capping tiles, stabilising the roof surface, sealing or painting roof tiles. One of the biggest complaints about roof restoration is that it hasn’t fixed any roof problems such as a leaking roof, this is exactly why you should have a roof repair done to your Doncaster home first. After your roof has been repaired you can look at restoring it. A roof restoration is much cheaper than replacing an entire roof, and will make a vast improvement to the appearance of your roof by improving its longevity with better materials.

It is up to you whether you want to go down the path of roof restoration, but if you have any kind of leak, it is vital that you engage in roof repairs to stop any further problems with your house roof. For a Roof Repair in Doncaster,  phone (03) 9873 0963 and speak with one of our friendly and helpful staff members today.

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