Erecting a Fence on Your Commercial Property

Each element of your office or shopfront, from the colour scheme to the doormat, needs to be carefully thought out and aligned with your business. In order to be successful in any avenue of business, you need to create and maintain a strong and united brand image. This means sending a strong message as soon as your clients set foot inside your front gates in Adelaide.

The street appearance of your property is so important. It needs to be both functional and attractive. This starts with your fence and gate to the footpath. It is not recommended to choose a solid material such as brick or concrete for a high wall, as this tends to shut out visitors and appear uninviting. While you may simply want privacy, it can have other consequences. If you do insist on privacy, then perhaps a lower hedge could do the trick. Tubular fences and other options can still have alarms and locks installed for added security. What you will need is a large street number clearly visible from the street. No doubt your first time clients will be driving along trying to look out for your business while keeping their eyes on the road. A noticeable letter box is also a wise choice, to ensure you don’t miss any important client mail.

The gate is the first point of physical contact that people will have with your business. A gate is poor condition communicates an attitude of disinterest. A client-to-be will go to unlatch or push open your gate and immediately notice any peeling coats or faded paintwork. It is much more difficult to recover from a negative first impression than you may think. Choose something that is going to be long lasting, because things will push gate and fence maintenance down the priority list.

When choosing a fence and gate combination, you will want to make a decision that best complements the rest of the property. Commercial sites should put some effort into basic landscaping to make the front area look professional. A neat path to direct clients to the front door is a must. Any lawn needs to be kept short and trimmed at the edges; otherwise it can immediately look shaggy and unkempt. Pot plants to line the walkway and frame the front door always look smart. If you do take good care of your front yard area, then show it off to the street with a low fence. Barred fences can have a tendency to look a bit like a prison if they are too tall, so opt for a low fence that makes your space feel open and bigger.

Ensure the colour scheme of your gate and fence matches well with the front door and trimmings of the property. Paler, neutral colours for large spaces defined with slates or slightly darker accents is the preferred option for many businesses. Remember that dark colours close in a space, and you want to avoid doing this at all costs. That being said, there may be a reason that you choose a certain colour. Perhaps it is the colour your business is associated with, and this would make plenty of sense. Alternatively, perhaps your logo design simply looks most effective when placed against that background. So long as there is a good reason behind your decision, then trust your instincts.

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