Ladder safety is No Joke

An alarming number of injuries occur when people attempt to Complete Roof Repairs Jobs in Preston without taking correct ladder safety precautions. If you do insist on climbing onto your roof, then it is essential to put some measures into place.

First of all, ensure that you have the best ladder for the job. This means that it is long enough and then some. A ladder that just reaches the roof is extremely dangerous, as a slight knock could jolt it from the edge and let you fall. As a general rule, a ladder that reaches three feet above the surface of the roof is adequate. The top two rungs should not be used as rungs, as these will cause the ladder to kick out from under you. If the potential drop is more than two metres to the ground, then many OH&S regulations advise another sort of structure, such as scaffolding.

An A-frame ladder offers a great deal more stability, and relies less on leaning on the house, however some designs require symmetrical angles. If each side is not individually adjustable, then it can be tricky trying to get against a wall. Whether you have a lean to or A-frame, it is a good idea to have someone hold the base as you climb. This person can also serve as a ‘spotter’ to catch you if the worst should happen, but more generally advise you of obstacles. The correct angle for a lean to ladder is that for every four metres up, the base should be out one metre from the edge of the building.

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Tie the ladder to the house or roof to ensure that it remains in place. The act of climbing up will naturally move the structure as your weight shifts, and could cause it to fall if not properly secured. Furthermore, it is worth noting that securing your ladder is important not only for the journey up, but also to keep it in place during the job to ensure you can safely climb back down. Depending on the repair job, you might find that you create quite a bit of movement on the roof, and so may easily knock a precarious ladder. A gust of wind on a bad day could even be enough to do it.

Always have both hands on the ladder as you climb. Do not be tempted to carry a bag of tools or even a single hammer up with you. Instead, tie a rope around the bag and pull it up once you reach the roof. Alternatively invest in a tool belt that keeps your implements out of the way. Other safety precautions such as correct protective clothing in the event of a fall should be worn.

Secure the base of the ladder in a frame to prevent it from slipping or sliding. Though most ladders nowadays come equipped with rubber feet for grip, this is not a guarantee. Over reaching is another big problem. It is simply not worth the risk. If you need to reach something out of your immediate area, then climb down and resecure the ladder.

Unfortunately, getting to the roof is only part of the danger, as walking around on a roof surface can create its own set of hazards. To avoid any risk of harm, as well as to ensure that your repairs are done to a high standard, enlist the help of an expert professional, who knows all of the regulations and common sense measures. The Leading Roof Repairs Service in Preston is from Coghlan Roofing.

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