Healthy and Green Ways to Clean Your Upholstery

Using natural, eco-friendly upholstery cleaning products in Adelaide to clean your furniture is a smart idea. This decision is especially important for those who suffer from allergies and reactions to certain chemicals. Too often it is the case that someone with a dust allergy realises they need to clean their dusty upholstery, only to be faced with an entirely new problem using these chemicals. Not only is this method better for your health, but it can also be far cheaper than some of the specific products that are available commercially. It is important that your furniture is regularly cleaned, both for spot stains and more in depth spring cleaning, to ensure you can enjoy your couch for as long as possible before it needs to become trash. 

Before applying any sort of cleaner to your couch, always give it a soft brush and a good vacuum. This is not most people’s first reaction, especially if you’re looking at a wine or food stain. In reality, the suction from the vacuum can potentially lift some of the moisture, but more importantly it will lift some loose dirt from the surrounding area. Any solution that is dabbed or rubbed in to a stain without prior vacuuming risks getting muddy, as it mixes with ingrained dust. 

It is understandable that for spot stains most people will be reluctant to pay for a Professional Cleaning Service. Always check your couch label which should be stitched into an inconspicuous seam before using any product on the material. There are a number of tips out there for specific stains, ranging from lemon juice and diluted hydrogen peroxide to egg yolk for coffee stains. There is no one tip that is going to solve all problems, so the best advice is to test your solution on a hidden area of your couch material, wash it, and see if any mark is detected. If not, then it is worth giving it a try on your stain. The one thing to watch out for is over wetting, particularly on materials such as suede. 

Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide

If your methods have not worked, or you want a general clean to put some life back into your sofa, then opt for a steam clean. This technique does use electricity, however there are no chemicals mixed into the solution. Only water and heat is combined to lift the stains and sanitise the surface. Despite the simplicity of the elements used, steam cleaning is known to work wonders on stubborn spots and marks. While personal steamers can be purchased or hired, you run the risk of using it improperly. Holding the steamer too long in one spot can burn the surface or over wet it, which can cause mould and an unpleasant odour. There are often bulk buy discounts, so rather than getting one couch cleaned it may be worth just doing the whole living room and considering it your yearly clean.  

If your damaged piece of furniture is an heirloom or particularly special to you, then a professional service is an absolute must. There is simply too much variation in material and home remedy claims to ensure you get the results you are after. A trained professional will assess your situation, and the stain in question, and will be able to combine knowledge of ingredients and experience in cleaning to remove the mark.   

Families with sensitivities to chemicals should take care to seek out a green company, as should families with pets. While most humans can tolerate a certain amount of toxins found in many cleaners, some of our animals cannot. Inside pets such as cats and dogs may lick the affected area and become awfully sick. Take extra care and ensure you are being responsible in choosing a safe Upholstery Cleaning Business in Adelaide such as Master Class Carpet Cleaning.

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