Post Installation Tips for Your Rain Water Tank

According to recent statistics, over a quarter of Australian households currently have a rainwater tank installed on the property. This is an encouraging number, and it shows no signs of slowing, as more and more residents consider installing a large Rainwater Tank Locally in Adelaide. While tanks require very little maintenance overall, there are some tips to ensure your tanks stays clean and produces healthy water so that your investment is worthwhile. 

First of all, is the simple tip of keeping the gutters clean. This is a no brainer, as although tanks have filtering systems in place, leaves and debris from the gutter are simply going to clog the system. Water will be unable to drain into the tank efficiently, and so you will not be getting as much rainwater as you could. Once every three months is sufficient to keep your drainage system functioning smoothly. If getting up on the roof this often is not for you, then a mesh gutter guard is a great low maintenance alternative. 
You collect rainwater to use in the house, not for mosquitoes and pests to breed in. A tank filled with water presents optimistic bugs and insects the perfect wet environment in which to live. If your tank is unprotected, there will be no getting rid of these pesky inhabitants, and clearly your water source will be contaminated. Of course, there is a simple and obvious solution which is to apply a mosquito mesh over the entrance to your tank. More than 90% of tank owners were aware of this according to a recent survey, but alarmingly, just over half were aware that this net needed to be changed every so often. Mesh that is exposed to the elements will eventually wear away, weaken or be nibbled and scratched at. In order to keep your precious water protected, at least check on your meshing a few times per year. 
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If you are using your rainwater for secondary uses, such as flushing the toilet or in the garden, then the quality is not so important. However, many houses require a higher grade of water, directed to drinking, cooking and washing purposes. For those who fall into the latter category, testing the water more regularly is a priority. Any drop in the standard could result in serious health risks. The good news is that this testing takes a few minutes, and is only really needed a couple of times per year. Odours, discoloration and sediment will all indicate some problem with filtration in your system, and should be corrected immediately. 
After checking your water quality, you want to make sure all that pure rainwater makes it to the house. Leaking pipes can reduce the efficiency in the transport of water from tank to home. Symptoms may include low pressure in the shower or from the tap, or an unusually high reliance on mains water despite your significant resources. Check vegetation surrounding your pipelines for any thriving that may suggest an increased water source. 
A rainwater tank truly is a cost effective and time saving device that has clear advantages. These minimal checks are all that it takes to ensure your tank will work to peak efficiency for decades. Of course, it helps a great deal to install a top quality tank in the first place, and to be educated on all of the processes mentioned above. Taylor Made Tanks offers a highly skilled team to ensure all of our customers are comfortable with the ways in which they can care for their New Rainwater Tank Installed in Adelaide.

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  1. Water tanks are being used by a lot of people nowadays, since it helps a lot in conserving water and saving up on water bills. Anyway, Thanks for sharing those tips on how to maintain them properly, and I hope a lot of your readers could use it as a guide. All the best!

    Bert Aguilar @ Rain Fill Tanks