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These days window film is becoming more and more common in Melbourne households and automobiles. With people growing more concerned about the effects of the sun, they are turning to window film to block harmful UV rays. Unfortunately though, with the rise in popularity comes stupid myths rearing their ugly head. If you have been considering installing window film on your home or car, check out our myth busting below. 

Window film will completely stop my furniture from fading 

Unfortunately Window Film is not magical and cannot completely eradicate the effect the sun has on furniture. However, it is of course an extremely effective method of reducing damage and fading. Window film blocks out 99 per cent of harmful UV rays and reduces solar heats down to just 82 per cent. You will find that installing window film will dramatically decrease your furniture fading.

Window film impedes the view 

When you look at window film closely you will notice the way it looks from the inside is different to the outside. From the outside of your home, your vision into the home will be impaired. The film may give your windows from the outside a darker look or make them look reflective. This is great as is heightens your security and gives you and your family more privacy. In regards to the inside of your home, it is the complete opposite. Owing to a phenomenon called Visual Acuity, when indoors you can view everything outside normally with no restrictions.

Security window film is not only hurricane proof but bullet proof  

There are several companies currently touting that their security window film is so strong it can provide protection against severe circumstances like shootings and hurricanes. These companies claim they have conducted studies to prove the outlandish statements, however, on further inspection you will normally find they have not tested normally situations. Instead the windows they are testing upon feature ½ inch thick glass plastered with multiple layers of the security film. Unfortunately, as great as it would there is no window film on standard glass that comes close to stopping a bullet. Furthermore, the promise of stopping a hurricane is just preposterous as it can completely tear houses apart, let alone windows.  

Installing window film on your window is illegal  

The answer to this myth really does depend upon where you live. Laws differ state to state but what seems to be quite common on the topic is that window film is not allowed on the front windshield of a vehicle but is allowed on the back windshield and rear side windows. In addition to placement, there are restrictions on the darkness of the film.

Window film can be applied by anyone 

It may look simple but window film application can be difficult. Have you ever noticed those cars drive past with that bubbled looking windows? Well, chances are they’ve tried to apply it themselves. While there are DIY kits out there, nothing beats a professional. They will ensure the job gets down 100 per cent perfectly to ensure you are completely satisfied with the job.  

Now that you know reality from myth, it’s time to talk to window film professionals. To get the very best results talk to the professional team at Pro Tinting. For more information about their Window Film in Melbourne.

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