Undo The Damage of Pests in Your Roof

A new or structurally sound roof does not allow pests a home to live in. It is only when damage occurs or the roof materials weaken that these animals are able to make use of your roof space. There are some straight forward symptoms and Resulting Roof Repair Techniques in Vermont which can put an end to pests living in your roof.

Why is it so bad if animals live in your roof? The roof is meant to be the outside barrier to your home. Anything that penetrates the boundary is one step closer to being inside. If a possum or rat has tunnelled into the attic space, they can just as easily find a way into bed rooms. This is a nasty thought, but could be a reality if pest problems aren’t nipped in the bud.

Even if the animals in question never make it this far, you will still notice their presence. In the middle of the night scratching and scurrying can keep you awake. Any hole that has allowed a medium sized rodent or vermin to enter the roof will be a nightmare as soon as there is a significant storm. Debris and water will flood in, as well as whipping wind that could catch and cause more damage. Finally, it is understandable that animals that optimistically enter a roof may quickly become confused and be unable to find their way out again. Perhaps the most unpleasant aspect of pests in the roof is the awful odour of faeces and eventually decay as they die. No one would volunteer for the role of cleaning up that mess.

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The clear solution is to prevent pests in the first place, or patch up areas of weakness before they develop. Valley and gutter coverings are a great proactive step in preventing pests from getting a grip in your roof environment. In terms of signs of animals in your roof, the noises are often one of the big give-aways. Birds will chirp and also leave conspicuous nests that can often be spotted from the ground in a nook. If you are able to venture into your roof space, you will be able to inspect droppings and other marks, and be able to roughly identify your species of guest. This can help you think of how the animal entered and fix the problem. Rats and mice are of particular concern, as they are known for breeding quickly and creating an infestation. While possums can be unpleasant, they are generally more easily dealt with. Keeping the attic or roof space clear of junk and trash is a good start to help you identify these signs. More so, if a problem is spotted it will be much more straight-forward to target them, leaving nowhere to hide.

Listening to the movements of the pests can also give you some clues. Possums are nocturnal animals so tend to leave the roof entirely at night. Rats and mice on the other hand may be scratching around at all hours. By contrast, hearing no noise at all is by no means reassuring. If you have been into your roof and noticed some rotting or brittle wood, then this is a red flag that may either suggest termites or a leak. The former is very bad news; as if these critters are in your roof then they are probably in the rest of the timber support structures of your whole home. By the time the signs start to show, the damage is done and work of replacing and repairing needs to begin instantly.

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