Removing a Broken Key From Your Lock

There is no worse feeling than that sudden snap as you turn the key. Calling a talented Locksmiths company in Adelaide is the most reliable choice, but there are a few things to try before you resort to that.

Keys are made of relatively cheap materials and as such over time they do wear out. It is advised to always carry a spare, but that doesn’t really help you until the old broken shard is out of the lock. You may find that your key has snapped in two or has just twisted. If it is the latter, then work the head back and forth until it does snap off. If the metal is bent, this piece is not going to provide you any leverage and is only going to get in the way of cleaning and reaching the piece inside.

Perhaps the most common mistake is failing to rotate the key shaft into the release position. Depending on the lock, usually the key is inserted, turned 360 or 180 degrees to unlock the door, then needs to be turned again in order to be able to pull the key out. Even with the finest locksmith skills in the world, without being at the right angle you will never get that piece out. Often the snap happens so quickly that you do not know where you were in terms of turning. A good tip is to look at the piece that snapped off in your hands. If it is just the head, you will need to keep turning the lock. If there are some of the key’s teeth, then they slid out easily meaning the key is in the right position for removal. You can turn it using a slot head screwdriver. 

Next, spray some lubricant into the hole to loosen up the key. Water is not considered a lubricant when working with metals; this will just make the problem worse. Use a specific lock lubricant gel or liquid. Rust provides a gritty texture that can provide the resistance which snaps the key. If you think that rust is the culprit, use some graphite and jiggle the key piece around a bit. 

The next step that locksmiths take involves using their array of specialised tools to prod and drag the piece out. It seems simple enough, but it certainly isn’t. The curved sticks all serve slight different purposes, and it is the exact combination of these that is successful in removing the blockage. Now, if you did want to buy similar tools you could do from a hardware store, however you will likely not have the skills to make the most of them. If you are going to send this kind of money, you may as well call in a professional right away. That way, you get access to the tools and the experience. 

However, if you are adamant about attempting the job yourself you can always gather some implements from around the house that might help. For example, tweezers, a hacksaw blade, a screwdriver and a meat skewer can all be very useful if used creatively. There is no real method other than keeping on trying, just make sure you understand the workings of your lock for the best chance of success. 

If these methods turn to no avail or you are in a particular hurry, then rely on a professional for instant success. If you don’t have a spare key on you, a mobile locksmith van will be able to cut one on the spot as well. Contact Marion Locksmiths at for all of your Urgent Locksmiths Help in Adelaide.

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