Achieve Complete Home Security With CCTV

You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your family, your home, and your possessions. A burglar invading your home does more than simply threaten to steal your possessions; it can also completely shatter your feeling of safety and security in your own home. Ensure that you keep your family safe and thieves out with comprehensive CCTV systems in Adelaide.

Perhaps the most reassuring advantage to having cameras installed that survey your property, is that it offers the promise of justice in the event of a break in. Unfortunately, household burglary is one of the most common crimes in Australia, and a worrying number of criminals get away with the deed.  Residents are already in a vulnerable state following such an event, and the thought that the culprit is still roaming free is hardly comforting. CCTV footage, provided that it is installed correctly, could give you enough evidence to find the attacker and put them in jail for their crimes. Police regard CCTV as a very handy feature when investigating a break in, and your chances of finding the criminal and recovering lost possessions greatly increases.

It is very important to have a qualified locksmith or CCTV professional complete the installation job, as it is about more than just fitting some cameras. In order to ensure that your system is effective, you will want to think long and hard about the positioning of each camera. One camera should be fixed at each doorway and entry point, including windows and gates, as well as potentially to cover your shed. It is also wise to chat to your service provider about how you are going to record. It is probably not feasible to keep a record of every single tape, so most homes tape over previous recordings every few days or every week.


You could install as many cameras as strategically as you like, but without adequate lighting then they are unlikely to be very helpful. Consider installing sensor lighting near your entry points which is activated by movement. Often, the sudden light is enough to rattle your burglar and send them running. If not, then you should at least get a good picture of their face which you can then send to the police. Lighting and surveillance in combination may very well be enough to act as a deterrent, and send your burglar off to scope the street for a more vulnerable house.

Cameras are a burglar’s worst enemy, and for this reason you will want to take some time to properly protect your system. An exposed camera may be a target for violence once a burglar realises they have been caught red handed. Successful CCTV maintenance also means regularly clipping back any greenery surrounding your devices so as to ensure there are no leaves obstructing the view.

Hopefully, you will never need to use the images gathered from your CCTV. However, the mere knowledge that you have such measures in place can help you sleep soundly at night. For this reason, this type of higher security is popular with homeowners who have recently experienced a burglary and realised that their current security system is lacking. If this is the case, then you will want to arrange a site visit from a professional who can assess your property and identify your weaknesses. A solid security system involves utilising a range of measures which complement each other to offer a robust defence.

Keep in mind that without correct planning and installation, CCTV can in fact give a false sense of security. Please rely on the Trusted CCTV Systems Team in Adelaide at Knight Locksmiths.

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