Benefits of Dimmer Switches

There is no doubt that different lighting is appropriate for different rooms and different scenarios. Talk to an established electrician provider in Point Cook about how you can adapt your lighting to your changing needs.

The kitchen and bathroom traditionally needed a bright white light so you could see what you were doing, whereas the bedroom and living areas could get away with a much softer tone. These days, homes tend to be built to an open plan layout and the one space is used for a variety of functions.  Those classic ideas of the bright bathroom and the softened living room don’t necessarily still apply, and instead each space should be able to be adapted. What if you want to pamper yourself and turn your bathroom into a day spa? Clinical lighting is not the vibe you’re going for, and instead you want nice warm lighting to go with your scented candles and bubbles. Likewise, your living/dining area needs to be able to adapt. You want just a very dim light when you’re watching the latest blockbuster, but need some decent light when you’re serving dinner.

Dimmer switches allow you to save on energy usage while still having access to that super bright light whenever it is needed. Just keep the lights on half brightness as standard, and use the normal on off switch as usual. Adjust the brightness as it is needed rather than as standard and you will save quite a sum on electricity. If some of the main rooms in the house are fitted with dimmers, you can save upwards of $30 per year. Of course, a dimmed light uses less energy, which means not only less money but also a longer lifespan. This means less inconvenient changing of bulbs in awkward high ceilings.

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Did you know that there are also dimmer switches that can be hooked up to your fluorescent lights? If you wish, every light in your home and across your property can be fitted with a dimmer. Fluorescent lights are amazing for energy efficiency, but unfortunately they tend to give off a very harsh light, and for that reason tend to be limited to use in the shed and outdoor areas. However, modern fluorescent lighting designs can be very stylish and blow these stereotypes of the fluorescent bulb as an ‘outdoor only’ light out the window.

Those concerned about their home security when they are away for long periods of time have likely considered the idea of a timed lighting system. This is programmed to mimic human use of lights throughout the day and night, making it look like someone is home and thus hopefully deterring burglars. However, the one downside of this is that it can be a bit of a waste of energy and end up costing more than expected. Combine this system with a dimmer setting, and you can enjoy the peace of mind of a safer home without the large energy bill at the end of your holiday. Similarly, outdoor sensor lights which are designed to identify anyone coming close to the perimeter of your home, can be dimmed slightly to save energy and money. Any light in the dead of night is going to be a deterrent, and a burglar will not notice if it is dimmed slightly. Sensor lights are notorious for being a waste of energy, and so this is a clever solution.

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