Essential Items For Your Electrical Toolbox

Electricity can be a dangerous thing if placed in the wrong hands, and so it is extremely important to take certain safety precautions. As well as your many power tools and specialised equipment, you will need some everyday items that can help make the job a lot safer. Soon you’ll be able boast that you’re as well equipped as a professional electrician in Port Melbourne.

First and foremost, electricians or handymen dealing with electricity need light. After all, in many cases electricians deal with finding the solution to a lighting problem, meaning that often they will be working in dim conditions, or even totally in the dark. A strong handheld flashlight is an absolute must. Keep a spare pair of fresh batteries in your kit as well so that you are always prepared with light when you need it. It is worth spending a bit more on this piece to get a reliable item, because you will use it on a very regular basis. Besides, cheaper torches will throw a far weaker light, and you really need a piercing beam if you are going to be looking into walls and ceilings where the cavity might be fairly deep. In some cases, you will need light but will also need your hands free to work. Not everyone has an apprentice who is willing to stand there for hours on end shining a light on our work, and so the simple solution to this problem is in the form of a head torch. If fitted correctly, these devices work extremely well, as they follow your head movement, and therefore likely track your eye movement. Again, another set of batteries on hand is necessary in case of emergency.

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While not technically inside of your toolbox, a good sturdy ladder is an integral part of any electrician’s kit. Ladders were not all made alike, and some are far more safe and reliable than others. It should go without saying that you must have an A-frame ladder as opposed to a lean-to style, as this is more stable. Ensure your ladder is fitted with rubber feet so that it does not slip on the ground as you use it. It is also best to look specifically for a ladder with flat rungs rather than round ones, as these offer more support for your feet as you climb. One of the most common incidences which occur with ladders is that people lean over too far and fall. If you are working on a wider area than you can reach, it is highly recommended to actually use two ladders of the same model, so that their rungs are identical. Then, you can secure a plank between them and use it as a kind of amateur scaffolding structure and walk left to right. Furthermore, it is a little surprising how many people neglect to think about the conductivity of their equipment. A ladder which is made of metal is not the safest choice, and increases the chances of you shocking or seriously harming yourself. Choose either a timber one, or one made from fibreglass.

Any professional electrician will be aware that some basic personal safety gear is necessary, but handymen may not be so knowledgeable. At the bare minimum, safety glasses and a hardhat should be worn whenever working with electricity. It is also a good idea to wear rubber insulated gloves when dealing with wires and metals, as it is very easy to cut yourself on all the sharp edges. Keep your safety gear all together so that nothing gets lost form job to job.

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