Why You Need To Eliminate Weeds In The Garden

There are countless products and chemicals out there, including the portable garden sprayer, which are designed to help anyone from an amateur gardener to a professional farmer kill weeds. This would suggest that there are some very valid reasons why getting rid of your weeds is in your best interest. 

Though not the most important factor, many people are motivated to begin weeding for appearance reasons, and this is probably a fair point. Weeds not only look unattractive themselves, but they can strangle your other flowers too, meaning that the whole garden bed can soon be a tangle of thistles and creepers. Weeds can also be a nuisance outside of the garden bed, perhaps in between the paving cracks or growing up through the gravel. These latter situations are far easier to deal with, as you can just drown the area in weed killer. The pavement or gravel is hardly going to be negatively impacted, whereas when there are other plants in close proximity you have to be more careful. 

Other than for appearances’ sake, you will also want to kills weeds so that they present no competition for your plants or crops that you are trying to grow. The problem is that weeds require the same energy and nutrition as your other plants, but there is often not enough to go around. Weeds will spread their coverage quickly, meaning that they have greater surface area to steal sunlight and water, as well as soil nutrients which were initially intended for your plants. While evolutionarily speaking, all plants have some ability to fight off weeds so that they can survive and grow, unfortunately that is not usually how it plays out in your garden. You see, in most cases, the plants that we choose to put in our garden have been bred specially over the years to display certain characteristics. These might be a sweeter fruit or a brighter flower. By contrast, weeds focus their adaptation towards efforts of stealing water and sun. They are therefore difficult to beat. 

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As weeds slowly strangle your plants, it weakens them and leaves them open to pest attack and disease infestation. What is perhaps more concerning is that the weeds themselves can be the source of said diseases. The dense weed canopy can provide a refuge for all sorts of creepy crawlies, from slugs and snails to caterpillars. Before you know it, you precious leaves may be being nibbled away at. Did you know that weeds have adapted to germinate early in the season and gain an advantage over their fellow plant competition? This means that pests will be present right from the start of the season and your crops or plants will not have a chance. In early spring when young growths are at their most vulnerable, the pests will be ready. Another common issue is aphids which are notoriously difficult to eradicate once they have settled.

Professionals will be concerned not only about the growing but also about the harvesting process when there are weeds present. Most harvesting these days is done via machine, and this method struggles to differentiate between weed and crop. The farmer either runs the risk of an impure and potentially dangerous harvest, or has to spend time painstakingly sorting the harvest from the weed. Of course, the best way to avoid this is to put in place a regular and reliable weed elimination effort before your weeds build up beyond control. Please chat to Green Gorilla for more Detailed Garden Sprayer Information and assistance with your weed killing efforts. 

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