Are You Having Power Socket Problems?

Power sockets can be mystifying when they decide to stop working suddenly. We learn from an early age to never insert anything into the holes, so how are we supposed to go about fixing a problem if there is one? There are a few straight forward tasks that you can perform before calling in the help of a Professional Electrician in Point Cook.

The first thing to do when you notice that an appliance isn’t working is to determine whether the problem lies with the socket or the appliance itself. If you find that the kettle isn’t boiling, then carefully turn off the standby, unplug the kettle, and try it in another room in the house. If it works here, then you can most likely narrow down the issue to the single socket. However, if it doesn’t work here you can conclude one of two scenarios. Firstly, that it is the appliance which is faulty, or secondly that all the power in the house is out, suggesting your safety switch has tripped and prevented a short circuit. If this is the case, simply double check your fuse box located on the exterior of the house and flip the switch. In some older models you will need to light a flame to turn the power back on. If there is no issue in the fuse box, then you probably have something wrong with the appliance itself. In almost all cases, it is cheaper to buy a new, better quality product than try to have your existing one repaired.

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If your kettle worked in the living room but not in the kitchen then you have an issue with your kitchen socket. You will want to perform a visual inspection first before contacting an electrician so you can give them as much information as possible about what they can expect. It is important that you are very careful around the socket, because you don’t know what kind of electrical fault is at work. First of all, turn off the standby switch and even the mains power if it makes you feel more comfortable. Then carefully grip the head of the plug and pull it form the socket at a right angle. Pulling from another angle can weaken the metal prongs and cause them to snap off, whereas pulling from the cord rather than the plug can weaken the cable. Once the plug is successfully removed, you will want to examine the socket as well as the plug. Is there any evidence of damage? Common signs include cracking of the plug, bent prongs, or burn marks on the socket.

If you notice some damage, and the socket happens to be connected to a power board, then this is most likely your problem. Power boards should only ever be used for short periods of time if at all. They demand double or sometimes four times the power that a single socket has been designed to supply. It is no wonder than power boards commonly overheat as they are demanding simply too much electricity. The heat alone could cause singing or burning, whereas a spark could create a full blown electrical fire. Communicate all of your observations when calling an electrician to come and take a look at the problem. This way, they will be able to advise you if you need to stay away from the socket until they arrive, and also what tools and equipment they will need to bring to the site. Trust this important job to the Specialist Electrician Force in Point Cook at Electricians On Call.

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