Small Businesses Need To Be Tech Savvy

In this day and age, there is no excuse for letting your tech priorities slide. Small businesses are constantly under pressure to provide top quality services and products that compete with the best, while always trying to minimise costs, time and even staff. Avoid these common issues with advice from a professional IT consulting firm in Melbourne and do what’s best for your business. 

IT Consulting Melbourne

Without doubt, the biggest mistake is not having anyone to call when something goes seriously wrong.  Many smaller companies assume that the expense of a professional service is too costly, and so try to rely on the limited knowledge of existing employees. While your office tech head might be able to help with a few minor obstacles, they are unlikely to be able to solve the mystery that is a system shut down, or something equally disruptive to the business.

Other avenues that companies may pursue include over the phone support services, or relying on a large electronic service provider. These two methods are also likely to disappoint, and eat up valuable time and energy. Receiving instruction over the phone is hardly helpful if you don’t know what you’re looking at, and the latter option often results in a different technician arriving at your office each time with no knowledge of your set up or prior issues. Putting your faith in a reliable IT consulting company should ensure you get a regular technician, if not someone who has been briefed on your history and current situation.

A trusted consultant can then help you with some of the other areas where small businesses run into trouble. For example, any quality consultant will have a good understanding of how long certain hardware should last. Have you hoarded old computers in your office that are six or seven years old? The optimum lifespan of most modern computers and laptops is around four years. As this creeps up to five or six years, the maintenance costs often begin to outweigh the savings. Furthermore, in this time frame the latest technology is likely to have advanced significantly. Your six year old computer will be considered slow, outdated and inefficient.

Another area of concern is power protection and security. Adequate power protection means having some back-up systems in place in the event of a power outage, to ensure your valuable data is not lost for good. Security is not prioritised by many businesses, which is perplexing. Either the risks are not appreciated, or companies simply brush off the threat as not likely to happen to them. In reality, your data is at risk from viruses and hackers, and so it is essential to have a dependable technician on board.

Anyone who has experienced the sinking feeling when their system crashes will know that backing up your files can be life-saving. Work with your IT provider to arrange a strategy for backing up data. Which items are important enough to protect? How often should data be backed up, and by whom? You will need to work out a schedule which works most efficiently for your business.

Businesses rely on a sound technological infrastructure now more than ever, not only with the running of the business but also for customer service and prompt communication. There is no question that a crash can be disastrous and even spell the end for your business, so the best plan by far is to prevent problems and minimise the damage should they occur. Please get in touch with Mon Technology for more information about our reputable IT consulting services in Melbourne

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