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MacBooks are one of Apple’s most successful products, but it is no secret that they experience fairly common technical difficulties. At some time or another, you are likely to find yourself in a situation where you need to have some repair or at least diagnosis work performed on your beloved laptop. The best advice is to avoid the Apple store in favour of smaller independent retailers for your efficient MacBook Pro repairs in Melbourne. 

Perhaps the biggest motivating factor is the greatly reduced price. Apple is the giant when it comes to computers, phones, music players and tablets. They are the brand that first comes to mind for many people, so they don’t need to advertise all that much. The thing is, this huge brand awareness means that most people will simply go there when they have an issue without thinking twice. The company relies on this, and as a result they can charge what they like, because the cost involved doesn’t have a huge impact on whether customers choose them or not. Apple will also of course try to upsell and use all their own parts at every opportunity, which add more onto the overall fee. The only time that it is a good idea to trust Apple is when you are experiencing difficulty and your item is under warranty. If they refuse to honour the warranty and insist you pay, then start looking around for others who will offer the same (if not better) services for a lot less money.

MacBook Pro Repair Melbourne

The exorbitant prices at the Apple store may have many people assuming that the actual process of fixing and obtaining the parts is incredibly expensive. In fact, they rely on most people having absolutely no idea how much the labour and parts cost and simply assuming that this price is simply what they have to charge. The fact is, Macs tend to fail in several common ways, and if you approach an independent repairer who knows what they are doing and already has access to the parts without ordering them in, then you can have a very affordable fee indeed. 

Furthermore, independent retailers don’t deal with nearly the amount of orders that the Apple store does. Yes they will have fewer staff, but they will usually be able to fully fix your piece in two or three days, or even shorter if they offer a certain one day deal. The Apple store is notorious for taking weeks to repair Macs, and it is little wonder when they likely have a hundred orders on the go at any one time. For students, professionals or even hobbyists, being without your laptop for weeks is a huge inconvenience, and as well as being frustrating could also be costly to your studies or job. 

Apple is big business, and they know how to refine their image. Part of this brand image is the iconic minimalist approach, demonstrated in their physical stores. Walking into one of these is quite an experience, but do not be fooled by these clever but very simple marketing techniques. The clean lines and white interior is designed to make an impression on you the customer, that this is a modern and innovative space. Of course Apple is an impressive business, but it is important that when it comes to repairs, you actually look at what is being offered for how much and don’t simply get sucked in to pretty buildings and attractive salespeople. Shop around before you commit, and be sure to check out your local retailers. 

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