A Handy Pressure Sprayer Can Help You Clean The Carpets

Many people assume that an agricultural pressure sprayer is solely for farmers and growers. In reality, these are highly versatile tools that can be used in a range of ways, from cleaning the roof to cleaning the carpet. With the right chemical products inside, the pressure sprayer can help you achieve cleanliness throughout the home.

The hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning is far more effective than the more common steam clean. While the heat from steam does some work to loosen and remove dirt from the carpet fibres, hot water actually washes the material thoroughly. In fact, the extreme temperatures of steam in such close proximity to certain fabrics can actually cause irreversible damage, particularly singing man-made fibres or shrinking wool. You may think you know what your carpet is made from, but the results may beg to differ.

The first step is to thoroughly vacuum the carpets that you intend to clean. This may be obvious, but some people may assume that they don’t need basic cleaning measures if they are going to perform a deeper clean. It is just like mopping a floor; you wouldn’t do this without sweeping the area first, otherwise you would end up with a muddy mess. The same is true for carpet cleaning, and in fact failing to pre-vacuum is one of the top mistakes in using this method.

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Now simply flooding the carpet is not going to get it clean, and the secret lies in balancing the pressure so that there is a continuous movement of water through the fibres. The pressure sprayer needs to pump water in as a high power vacuum simultaneously sucks it out. The carpet will need some drying time, but it is important to have a high powered vacuum that does most of the work. Otherwise, saturated carpet will begin to smell and could even develop mould if left to slowly dry entirely naturally over quite a few days.

Notice how this method has no form of scrubbing involved. This means that it keeps the fragile fibres of your carpets in better condition for longer, however it does also mean that stubborn staNow simply flooding the carpet is not going to get it cleins could present a problem. For contained stains such as a red wine spill, vacuum the area as much as possible before performing this procedure. If it does not work, you may wish to use a manual carpet cleansing product before repeating the hot water extraction. A widely yellowed or ageing carpet may also need a dose of shampoo to really bring out the colour it once had.

For homeowners or renters looking to keep their own carpets in top shape, a truck mounted carpet cleaner is unnecessary, not to mention out of the price range. These machines are really only for professional use, in businesses that clean carpets for a living. For personal use, a more portable device is the way to go. Besides, this is the design that allows you to do almost anything from killing weeds in the garden to hosing off the car. You can adjust the settings just like a more advanced model, meaning if you have heavy duty flooring you can get a better clean.

Cleaning carpets is not only an aesthetic practice, but of course helps to keep the home sanitised. Unfortunately, carpets do tend to trap dust and can be home to all sorts of critters. So long as it is regularly cleaned well, then this should not be a problem and you can enjoy the many other benefits of carpet in your home. To enquire about purchasing your effective pressure sprayer, or to arrange for a service, contact Green Gorilla at http://green-gorilla.com.au/.

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