High Quality Verandahs Bring Many Benefits To Adelaide Homes

Many households in Adelaide are adding verandahs to their home for a number of different reasons. A verandah is a beautiful addition that adds beauty, whilst creating more space to make the most of your outdoor area. By adding a verandah to your Adelaide home, you can enjoy a variety of different benefits, which are outlined beneath. If you are thinking about having a verandah built in your home, take the time to consider the benefits.  
  •  Sustainability  
 Many people don’t realize that a verandah can actually help cut down on expensive energy bills. Some studies suggest that a verandah can cut up to a massive 40 per cent of your air conditioning bills, as it actually helps to cool your home. The addition of a verandah provides more shelter to your home. By placing a verandah it a strategic position, the benefits can be huge. The eco-friendly benefits of a verandah are often overlooked, so now you know make sure you consider it.   
  •  Visually pleasing 
Adding a verandah to your home will enhance its appearance. With so many different styles to choose from, there is sure to be one that compliments your home design. A modern design can inject a chic new feature to your home that you love to entertain it. A more relaxed, classic verandah can be the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work. No matter what your style preference is, one thing for sure is that a verandah will completely boost the aesthetics of your outdoor area.  
  • Entertainment

Adding a verandah to your Adelaide home, adds another entertaining area. You will find that the addition of a verandah will boost your social life. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like having dinner in the great outdoors with their friends? Under the shelter of the verandah, you can enjoy good food and good company. Continue the Australian tradition of entertaining outdoors, by having your very own verandah built in your home.  
  • Value  

Did you know that having a verandah can boost the price of your home by as much as $20,000? It appears home buyers have their mind set on verandahs. They want one, and they’re willing to search for a house that has one. Many home buyers these days, feel a home is not complete if there is not outdoor entertaining area fitted with a verandah. It’s often looked at as an extra room in the house. 
  • Space 
Space is a much-needed feature in every home. In a home with growing kids, you will know only too well the need for space. Think back to when you were a teenager and all you wanted was more space to spend time with your friends by yourself. By adding a verandah to your home, you will enjoy an additional room, that uses to be nothing. That way you can allow your kids to entertain outdoors, while you stay indoors, out of sight! 

If you would like to have a verandah built on your property, talk to the team at Western Pergolas and Decking. With years of experience behind them, you can trust them to create a beautiful verandah that will suit the look and feel of your home. To learn more about the verandahs they build in Adelaide.

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