Rainwater Tanks Adelaide

Rainwater Tanks Adelaide

Reduce your water bills
Switching your house’s water reliance from mains water to rainwater can actually result in slashing your water bills. If you have a family, your water usage can really get up high. Coming from a family of three girls, we were constantly experiencing high water bills owing to the half and hour showers we use to have. If you’ve noticed a hike in your water bills and are finding them difficult to pay, making the switch to rainwater could be a great idea. As rainwater is free, you can use as much as you like, without it damaging your bank account. There will be no more need to yell at your kids to get out of the shower. 

Garden Maintenance 
If you have a green thumb, chances are you love having a beautiful garden that is well kept and nice and green. Unfortunately, when summer hits in Adelaide it can be very difficult to keep your garden looking fresh. With water restrictions in place in some areas, you may not be allowed to use mains water to water your garden. However, if you have your own rainwater supply, you can still maintain your garden. Enjoy a nice green garden, while everyone else has a yellow one with your own rainwater collection. 

Why use rainwater?
  • Using rainwater can reduce your water bills as rainwater is free. 
  • Collecting rainwater allows you to be prepared for times of low rainfall, so you can still maintain your garden, especially if there are water restrictions in your area.
  • Capturing rainwater reduces the load on storm water systems because roof runoff is not flushed into the drains.
  • Using rainwater reduces the need to build more water storage dams, which may have to be situated in environmentally sensitive areas.
Benefits of installing a rainwater tank
  • Saves large amounts of water which can be used in the garden or in the home.
  • Requires a relatively simple system which is easy to use.
  •  During the wet season, when the garden doesn't need any extra watering, rainwater can be connected to the house and used for toilet flushing as well as in the laundry.
  • Rainwater is also suitable for use in pools and for washing cars.
  • In some rural areas, it is possible to use rainwater for all domestic uses, and not draw upon the mains supply.

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