Investing In Curtain Cleaning In Your Adelaide Home Is Important

One chore that often gets neglected in Adelaide homes is curtain cleaning. Once the curtains are hung, most homeowners don’t think much about them. Other than opening and drawing them to let the sunlight in and block it out, they just hang there.  It’s only after you look at them closely after a few years you realise how much dirt they have picked up over time. To avoid getting to the point when your curtains emit a puff of dust every time they’re drawn, follow the curtain cleaning tips below.

Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

Dusting  To avoid dusty drapes, it’s important to keep up with regular dusting. This is a relatively simple job that can be performed once a week. The easiest way to do it is with a vacuum cleaner, but it you don’t have one you can alternatively use a dusting cloth or feather duster.

Once you’ve chosen your weapon of choice, it’s time to begin cleaning. Don’t worry about unhooking your curtains, as it’s actually a lot easier to clean them when they are still hanging. When you begin cleaning, start at the top of your curtain and work downwards. This will ensure the dust only falls on areas of the curtain that are waiting to be dusted. When you get down to the hems and the folds, make sure you pay these areas close attention as they get very dusty. Make sure you don’t neglect the back on your curtains, and clean both sides thoroughly.
Steam cleaning  When it comes to giving your curtains a deep clean, steam cleaning is often a good solution. You can purchase your home steam cleaner that can be operated by an amateur, however, for the best results it is advised to hire a professional. A professional will have experience with a range of different curtains and be able to provide a high quality finish. It’s important to refer to the manufacturers recommendation before steam cleaning, as some materials will not react well. Once the steam clean is over, it’s important not to leave your windows open. While you may think you are assisting they drying process, you are actually allowing outside airborne dirt to get attached to the curtains.

If you’re looking for a simple and cheap way to clean your curtains, have a go at cleaning them in the washing machine. Of course check the label first, as not all curtains can be machine washed. In the instance where your curtains are machine washable, unfortunately it’s not as easy as just simply chucking them in. You must adjust the washing machine so it is on a delicate cycle and refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on whether it should be washed in warm or cold water.

If you own expensive curtains and don’t like the idea of cleaning them yourself, you’re not alone. A lot of people prefer to leave the job up to the professionals for several reasons. It may be they don’t’ want to actually do it themselves, or perhaps they are worried about the results. Whatever the reason is, you can contact the professional team at Masterclass Carpet Cleaning to help you with your curtain cleaning in Adelaide.

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