Let a Professional Electrician Help You Select Your Bedroom Lighting at Werribee

When it comes to renovating your bedroom in Werribee, you should consult with a professional electrician. The lighting in your bedroom is extremely important, and isn’t as simple as just popping a lamp on your bedside table. Below are some factors to think about when you are planning the lighting for your bedroom. 

Consider the size
When selecting lighting for your bedroom, it’s essential you take a plan of your room along to show the professionals. Understanding the measurements of your room and where the furniture is located, will help determine the best type of lighting. The professionals will work with you to decide where exactly in your room lighting should be located, and the type of lighting that will suit.

Height is key
Generally speaking, bedrooms are renowned for featuring lower ceilings. Normally, bedroom ceiling will be no higher than 8 or 9 feet. With this in mind, you should steer clear of fixtures that have longer bodies. Instead, favour those that are flush mounted or shorter. When you consider the use for lighting in your room it makes sense. For those who read in bed, light needs to find a way down to their pages. Furthermore, it should also provide enough adequate light above, so you don’t feel like you’re dressing in the dark.

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Consider the uses for your room, before selecting your lighting. Are you the type of person that reserves the bedroom purely for sleeping? Perhaps, your home is on the small side, so you also have to use your bedroom as a multipurpose room. Your bedroom may not just facilitate sleep, but also for reading, studying, watching TV and more. In the instance where you do more than sleep in your room, you will need directed lighting. However, if it’s just sleeping, then opt for softer, lighter fixtures.

Function over style
Currently light and opaque lamps and shades are on trend. However, when they are actually used, they end up making your bedroom look moody and too dark. While the fixtures are stylish, they don’t actually end up doing their job properly, which is the whole point of having them. So, make sure you balance style and functionality. A good idea is to purchase a table lamp with a softly diffused colour.

It’s all about the location
You can’t just whack lights anywhere in your room and expect them to function perfectly. In fact, badly located lighting can really wreak havoc in your home. There’s no point installing lights directly over the bed, as they will shine into your eyes when you are lying down. A more comfortable alternative is soft lighting that’s located at electrician-werribeeface level, rather than overhead.

Getting in the mood
At times, the bedroom must have some ambience, which can be helped along its way by lighting. Installing a dimmer is a good idea, as it allows you to chance the lighting affect whenever you want. You can even try changing over your normal light bulb to one that has a softer colour. These changes will help you change the mood of the room, when necessary.

Now you understand how much thought must go into choosing the ideal lighting for your bedroom, it’s time you contacted an Electrician at Werribee. The team at Electricians on Call can help with all your questions

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