How To Diagnose a Problem With Your Hot Water System In Adelaide

How to diagnose a problem with your hot water system in Adelaide  Experiencing a problem with your hot water system in Adelaide during winter is a nightmare. For me, I know the only thing that gets me out of my beautiful, warm bed in the mornings is the promise of a hot shower. As your cold body hits the soothing warmth, it almost makes the early start worth it. The next problem is having to get out, which is hence why I’m often late to work. Having to shut off the faucet and jump out and get your towel is almost as bad as having to push your feet out of bed. So, if you’re like me and mornings are bad enough with a hot shower, imagine if your hot water system shut down and you had to have a cold one? It’s a fate not even worth thinking out, however, unfortunately it can be a reality for many unlucky households. 
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1. For some unlucky people they discover their hot water system isn’t working the worst way possible, by touch. They will either leap into the shower without testing the water and be frozen alive by the icy sheets of water, or it will happen mid shower when the heat turns to ice in a matter of seconds. I still haven’t worked out which option is worse. The cause of this monstrosity could be the pilot light, which has gone out. To determine if this is the problem, you will have to check on the pilot light. In the instance where it is not working, you are able to relight it yourself. To do this you can either follow the directions in your owner’s manual, or alternatively call a gas plumber to perform the job for you.

2. Another sign of your hot water system hitting the wall is if you start to hear strange noises coming from the heater. If you’re wondering what the cause of the noise is, it’s the hard-water scale or minerals making the noise. Over time these items develop inside the tank and then break off. To fix this issue, the sediment needs to be drained and cleaned. This is a bit more of a tricky job that is most likely best performed by a professional.
3. If there is a pool of water underneath your water heater, this is a bad sign. Most likely the water is spurting out from a leaking pipe or alternatively a loose valve. Inspect the area and see if you can notice a leaking pipe. If you don’t notice any leaks coming from the pipes, then give a go at tightening the valve. Another alternative is that a faulty valve, a defective heater element, or an obstructed vent is creating the leak. The best thing to do is to call a professional gas plumber to solve the problem for you. 

4. You may have noticed your relaxing, steaming hot showers and now pretty mild. No matter how much you crank on the hot tap, your shower just won’t heat up. This is often a sign that there is a problem with the thermostat. Rather than messing around checking your tank, just call a gas plumber. 
If you notice any of the signs outlined, you should call the professional team at Premier Gas immediately. Premier Gas specialize in hot water system repairs in Adelaide.

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