The Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Glass Replacement in Adelaide

When it comes to glass replacement in Adelaide, it’s important to act with hast. A broken window, shower screen, or even glass can happen quickly and needs instant attention. To ensure you or your family aren’t put at risk, follow the glass cleaning tips below.

1. Household safety
Treat the site of the glass breakage like the scene of a crime. It sounds a little over the top, but if you live in a house with young kids and pets, they you’ll need to cordon the area off. You don’t want little feet stepping through the glass and getting shards embedded into feet, so make sure you don’t skip this precaution.

2. Personal safety
Now it’s time to protect yourself. No matter how careful you are, when there is broken glass around you can find yourself somehow accidentally getting it in you. To avoid this risk, wear proper shoes and cover your hands in thick rubber gloves. This will stop any changes of glass getting into your feet or hands.

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3. Go for the big pieces
You will notice when glass shatters there’s no uniformity about it. There will be a mixture of big pieces and those that are so tiny you can barley see them. Before you begin picking up pieces, lay down a wad of newspaper. This will be the area you will be moving the broken glass too. With your gloves on, carefully pick out the big pieces from the pile and put them on the newspaper. If you prefer not to use your hands, you can utilize gardening tongs, to make the move easier.

4. Use your vacuum
Many people favour a broom over a vacuum when cleaning up glass. While you may be more use to using your broom, this is actually a very bad mistake. A broom can pick up small pieces of glass in its bristles, which can then stay there. Later on when you go and sweep, you can end up spreading glass all around the room. With a vacuum, however, it simply and efficiently sucks all the shards of glass out. The bag can then be removed and disposed of safely.

5. Don’t forget the tiny pieces you can barley see 
Despite all your best efforts to suck up the remaining glass, there will be tiny pieces you have missed. To ensure these aren’t left on your floor, you can either use bread or sticky tape to pick them up. It may sound silly, but bread can be very helpful in the cleaning up process. Owing to its spongy nature, you simply press the bread into the ground and it will cleverly pick up the small shards of glass. You can also try the same method with sticky tape if you prefer. 

6. Clean down
Once you are sure you’ve got rid of all the glass, give the area a wipe down with a damp cloth. Make sure you don’t forget about your vacuum and shoes that have helped out. These should be wiped down too to ensure there is no remaining glass. Once everything is clean, wrap up the shards of glass in the newspaper and dispose of it in a double-layered garbage bag. Make sure you place it in your outside garbage bin, so the glass doesn’t remain inside.

Now it’s time to think about replacing the glass. If it was just a cup, then it’s pretty easier, however, if it was a glass fixture in your home, talk to the professionals at Q Glass and Glazing. Visit their website to find out more about their Glass Replacement Services in Adelaide.

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