Buy Shoes Online and Display Them Properly

Do you buy shoes online like they are going out of fashion? Do you have so many shoeboxes cluttering your bedroom floor you don’t know what to do with them? Do you have a pair of shoes that matches every outfit? If you answer, ‘yes,’ to any of these questions then go you! You are a woman after my very own heart, and I’m sure most other females are jealous of your bold shoe endeavors.

Let’s face it ladies, who doesn’t like a pair of beautiful shoes? Yes, I know it’s stereotypical but let’s be honest, don’t a beautiful pair of shoes make your day a hell of a lot better? Don’t they make you feel more confident and give you a spring in your step? Carrie Bradshaw put it best when she claimed a nice pair of shoes makes the walk that little bit easier for a single girl, as she power strutted up the streets of New York in her killer Manolo Blahniks. Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, shoes are always going to be there for you.

So, if you’re shoe crazy, then chances are you are gong to want a great way to display your purchases. There’s nothing worse than having an enviable shoe collection, only to let them sit sadly at the bottom of your wardrobe, waiting for their day in the sun.

Hiding your beautiful shoes at the bottom of your wardrobe is basically a crime against fashion. This is easily fixed by some inexpensive shelving. If you love shoes that much, then why not wake up to looking at them? Position your shelves perhaps on a bedroom wall, or positioned around the bedroom. Try and be a bit creative and allow your shoes to shine like artwork, on display. To avoid making your shoes look a little cluttered, be consistent and group similar shoe styles together. Also try spacing them out so they are displayed perfectly.

Perfectly organised
If you are a little bit of a neat freak and like things in perfect order, then why not storing your shoes in uniform boxes. Perhaps buy in bulk white shoe boxes, which will protect your shoes at the same time as make your closet orderly. A nice touch is taking a polaroid of your shoes and attaching them to the shoe box so you can easily locate the shoes when you need them.

All boxed in
If you have been blessed with creative flair and love DIY, this next trick is for you. Purchase some colourful wooden storage crates from a local craft or hardware store and attach them to a spare wall. These look amazing and really act as a feature of your home. You can place shoes inside the crates on display, or even prop them on the outside for a different effect.

So, there you have it. If you’ve always envied Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes and wanted her wardrobe to display them, you can do it yourself. While it may not be the dream walk-in wardrobe you’ve always wanted, these creative designs allow you to creatively show off your shoes in a beautiful way.

The great thing is, by trying one of these ideas, you have more room, and more of an excuse to buy more shoes. In fact, get a head start on new shoes by checking out those available at Shoe Shed. You can easily buy shoes online from Shoe Shed’s online store at www.shoeshed.com.au and they’re delivered straight to your door, ready for your new shoe storage. 

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