Best Climbing Plants For Your Pergola

There is more to your choice of climbing vine than simply looks. You will want to consider factors such as the local climate and the degree of shade cover you seek when deciding upon the perfect plant for your Adelaide pergolas design.

Unlike the far north, here in the south of Australia we experience both extremes of the climate. Summers can get unbearably hot, reaching the mid-forties on the hottest days of the year. It is unthinkable to sit outside on these days, and we are instead confined to the solace of the air-conditioned living room. It is those sunny days in the thirties why we love the Australian summer, and want to make the most of. There is nothing better than having friends over on a warm summer’s afternoon and enjoying a glass of wine and some good company. Of course, the one downside of this beautiful sunshine can be the harmful UV rays and the painful burns that can result. A certain degree of shade is needed from your pergola to ensure you can enjoy the summer in safety and comfort. IN the winter, it can get cold but not icy. The later autumn and early spring sun is just divine, and so it can be a good idea to choose a deciduous vine which offers that coverage in summer and lets in valuable winter sun as well.

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Green thumbs are always sceptical about bringing new flora into their carefully planned garden. This is certainly a valid concern, especially with climbers and creepers. If the wrong plant is chosen, it can easily take over and begin to deprive surrounding plants of oxygen, sun and water. If this is something that worries you particularly, then you can choose from the range of gorgeous native climbers that are more likely to cohabit well. Of course, climbers can look stunning as well as being highly functional. Some homes will suit a bright green, leafy vine, whereas others could really use the splash of colour from a flowering species. Regardless, any plant life is sure to soften the somewhat harsh lines of a pergola. If you have a timber structure, you will want to ensure it is professionally sealed.  Plant life can increase risks to timber if it is incorrectly treated and coated.

Despite it being rather common, bougainvillea is not one of the best choices. It is more suitable for a middle or northern climate, to begin with. Furthermore, this plant can be thorny which is not ideal if you plan to entertain in close proximity to it. Better options for the Adelaide climate include the very popular wisteria, known for its stunning purple plumage, though also comes in white and pink. This one has a stunning scent, which can make entertaining all the more enjoyable for the senses. For those looking for a native, a bower vine is a good choice that also offers some colour when it is in bloom. Jasmines are known for their lovely look and perfume, but also have the tendency to overwhelm surrounding life. A great alternative for this problem is the star jasmine. It is not a true jasmine, and can coexist well with surrounding plants, but looks similar to the classic. This one can be a bit slow to get started, so it is not for those that want an instant shelter without waiting a few years. Climbing geraniums are loved for their long blooming season, as well as being incredibly hardly when they are established. A mature plant can survive on rainfall alone, meaning the only maintenance needed may be seasonal pruning according to your taste.

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