Keep Your House Insulated The Natural Way

Building with an eco-friendly approach is not just about saving money, but it is about incorporating the surroundings into your home design so that you have to do less of the work. In order to do this, your home needs to be cleverly situated and designed, fitted with all of the best materials such as high quality glass in Adelaide.

First of all, Australian homes should always be north facing if your block allows it. The north orientation is where all of your winter sun is going to come from, whereas in summer the sun is higher in the sky and the sun beats down from overhead. This means that communal places such as the living room, as well as perhaps the master bedroom, should have large windows which can drink in this sun no the north face of the house. During the day, you can open up the curtains to heat the home up, and then close them at night to trap the heat inside and stop it from escaping.

This process will occur naturally with the correct orientation, however there are certainly other ways in which you can exaggerate the process to enjoy a warm home in winter. The heavier the curtains, the better they will do the job of trapping the warmth at night. The windows themselves are also a big part of making your home self-warming and cooling. You will want to have them resealed so that you can be certain there is no gap around the edges where your warmth is escaping. Did you know that it is poorly fit windows, or windows with the wrong type of glass, which account for 10 – 25% of some homes’ energy bills? Also consider either getting your windows double glazed, or choosing a thicker and UV resistant glass type form the beginning. There are newer designs which offer immense benefits for your temperature regulation; you just have to do a little bit of research to find out which one is best for you.

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Heating one room is a lot easier and faster than trying to heat your whole house at once, and in most cases, you will only need a few warm rooms. Close off the doors to other parts of your house that are not in use. This simple practice will prevent a lot of the warm air in your living room from dispersing out into other parts of the house where it is not needed. Keep a thermometer in your house so that you can make sure you are keeping a constant temperature. You may not notice a drop in a couple of degrees, but a drop of ten or more is much more difficult to make up. Maintain your ideal temperature with short bursts from the heater or air conditioner.

It is so important to keep your heaters and air conditioning in top shape. If it has been several years since your unit had a service, then you might want to spend that little bit of money and organise one straight away. If you wait until it breaks down in the midst of summer, there might be a long wait and a big callout fee from the inundated repairperson. Follow these tips and you will not need to rely quite so heavily on air conditioning and cooling for your temperature control, and can instead regulate it more naturally. If your glass is not up to scratch or you are thinking about new energy efficient glass for a new property, then talk to our Friendly Glass Experts in Adelaide at Q Glass and Glazing.

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