Choose Frameless For Your Glass Balustrading

Safety balustrades designs in Adelaide were once purely functional, but these days they can have an equally aesthetic purpose. As well as minimising the danger associated with heights, these structures can add an air of sophistication to the fa├žade of your home.

Frameless glass balustrading is becoming incredibly popular for just this reason. The lack of border gives the glass panels a very sleek and modern appearance, and does not interrupt the carefully designed visual impact of your house. Balustrades are commonly used beside staircases and at the edge of a balcony. This latter usage is especially benefitted by the choice to go frameless. One of the biggest benefits of having a balcony is to enjoy the fresh air while gazing out over a panoramic view. Anything that interrupts that view, therefore, is less than ideal. Now, when you are standing, your balustrade is not going to be high enough to be a problem. However, if you are sitting down at a table on your balcony, then this is when a black border might begin to obstruct your view.

Those concerned about privacy can choose from a number of types of glass, perhaps tinted or frosted in texture. tinted has the benefit of not obstructing your view, but still preventing passers-by from directly seeing in. It can also cut our some of the glare and UV of the sun which is an added bonus.

Glass balustrading is also a great idea for stairwells because of this transparent quality. How many times have you come around a corner only to almost bump right into someone? This never has to happen in your own home when you can clearly see exactly who is coming down the stairs toward you.

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Some people may assume that the border that surrounds some glass balustrading has a purpose of smoothing the sharp edge of glass, and making the balustrade more comfortable to lean on or run a hand along. This argument does not hold much water, because the edge of frameless glass has been smoothed to perfection. In fact, it is even rounded on the edges to that gliding your hand along it is as smooth as possible. In fact, the edging that sits atop some balustrades can even catch on clothes or tear the skin if grabbed roughly.

Frameless glass is usually stronger than bordered balustrading, simply because it has to be. Without the border to give it support, the glass itself is often manufactured to be thicker and more resistant to shocks. This is a very important feature when it comes to homes with children. There are bound to be all sorts of knocks and bumps over time and when you are dealing with glass in such an important protective purpose, then it is crucial that it is strong and unbreakable.

Finally, the edges that border some balustrades can be climbed by small children. Even the smallest ledge can be a foothold that could lead to disaster. Frameless glass is entirely smooth and slippery, such that there is no way it can be scaled by inquisitive little ones.

Of course, glass balustrading is not for everyone. Some houses simply will not suit the ultra-modern appearance of glass, and will be better defined with black vertical tubular balustrading. This kind of fencing is also often powder coated, meaning you can choose the exact colour that best suits your home. These have many of the same safety benefits of frameless glass, as they have passed very strict Australian guidelines for pool fencing. For all of your Various Balustrades Needs in Adelaide.

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