Did You Know You Can Use Your Sprayer To Detail Your Car?

Many people buy a backpack agricultural sprayers product with the intention of getting into their gardening in a big way. If this hobby is short lived however, then you can be left with a piece of equipment that just sits in the shed collecting dust and taking up space. So why not find out more about the other uses of your portable sprayer?

A backpack sprayer can be used in a number of ways to detail and touch up your vehicle. This is something that we all need every now and then, and it is often a costly procedure if done professionally. Your agricultural sprayer can be filled with anything you like, not just pesticide, herbicides and fertilisers. You can fill it with a soapy detergent solution and spray the outside of your vehicle with it. Work in this solution with a microfiber cloth so as not to scratch the paintwork. Once you are done, rinse out the tank of all bubbles and fill it with warm water, and give the car a good rinse. A sprayer with an extension wand could be particularly helpful here in getting all of the suds and dirt out from the wheels and the grill. If you are going to do this DIY car wash, try to find a detergent that is eco-friendly so as not to harm the environment with your run off. There are plenty of DIY products you can try using a combination of household ingredients. Clean the car in this fashion on an overcast, dry day. If it is too warm or too sunny, the moisture can evaporate too quickly leaving water marks on the surface.

Agricultural Sprayers
Next, it is time to turn your attention to the car’s interior. The back seat of the car seems to be a place where rubbish and debris just seems to accumulate with no one remembering how it got there. First, take out all of the large pieces of rubbish such as wrappers and papers out and place them in the bin. Remove the floor mats and shake them out well. If your car was really filthy, you will probably note that there is still a large amount of dirt and hair on the floor. This is where your sprayer comes in handy. Use it empty and blow much of the debris out of the car, or into a pile where it is then easier to remove. Once you have blown much of it outside, then you can use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment to suck the remaining dirt from the carpet. 

Next, you will want to shampoo and condition your upholstery and maybe even the carpet. This can be done using a very low pressure setting on your agricultural sprayer. If you are having difficulty finding an appropriate setting then you may need a different nozzle. If you are putting product into the actual sprayer it needs to not be so thick as to clog the fine nozzle. Be careful with how much water you apply here, as you do not want it to cause the seats to mould.

You might also like to disinfect some surfaces of the car, particularly the steering wheel and dashboard which come into contact with all sorts of germs. If you’re feeling very crafty and are confident that you have the right paint, you could even touch up any paint imperfections such as scratches or scuffs using the even application of the pressure sprayer. Learn more about how you can use your Old Agricultural Sprayers tank from the experts at Green Gorilla

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