Choose Tempered Glass For Your Bathroom

When we think of glass products we probably immediately think of delicate items that are easily shattered. This is hardly an image that makes sense to be placed in the bathroom, where slips and falls are more likely because of the moisture. However, there is a far smarter glass solution in Adelaide than this fragile material.

Introducing the brainwave that is tempered glass. This product is a kind of toughened glass which is incredibly resistant to breakage. When it does break, such as if struck by a hammer, it does not shatter into a million pieces but rather into larger broken chunks. Most people would be familiar with a smashed telephone box, where the broken glass is hanging in a kind of sheet out of the frame. This is tempered glass. Many cars also now use this for their windscreens; however, this was not used as an example because there are still plenty of windscreens that shatter completely.

So what makes tempered glass so strong? It is actually a chemical and thermal treatment that does it. The material is gradually heated and cooled to very specific levels so that the inner and outer layers are actually in opposition to one another. The result is the inner surface is in tension as the outer surface is in compression. It is this stress that causes the bigger and more manageable chunks if the glass is ever broken. You might be thinking, well that’s nice, but does it really make that much of a difference? It is estimated that, depending on the precision of the tempering process as well as the method implemented, tempered glass is approximately 5 to 10 times stronger and more durable than non-tempered glass.

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This strength is an absolute must in the bathroom. There are so many times when you might knock an elbow in the shower, or slip and catch yourself on the window. A more fragile glass is at risk of being damaged, while these little bumps are no match for tempered glass. If you did happen to accidentally fall with such force that the glass did break, then you can be rest assured that you will be far more likely to escape unscathed.

Much tempered glass these days come complete with a special coating that reduces the impact of the appearance of fingerprints. There is an assumption that tempered glass is physically thicker than regular glass but this is not always the case. In fact, it is quite possible to have a sleek sheet of tempered glass. Finally, tempered glass is largely indistinguishable from regular glass aside from its clear safety and cleaning up benefits. It is completely transparent and offers a non-distorted light of sight. Choosing to go with tempered glass is therefore not going to undermine the careful aesthetic planning of your stylish bathroom.

Tempered glass is required for many building situations which use glass because it can deal with more pressure and tension. This includes some large windows or glass doors, as well as skylights. If it barely looks any different, what reason is there not to use this safety glass in other aspects of your home design? If however you are looking for a more bold appearance, then tempered glass can still work out. Just like normal glass, you can choose from tinted, frosted, reflective and coloured tempered glass. This means that it is straight forward to combine the safety properties of tempered glass with the decorative and aesthetic function of other variations.

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