Perfect Recessed Lighting For Your Home

Recessed lighting is lighting which sits outside the frame of the room and is hidden from view. The result is light which appears to be coming from a small cavity in the ceiling. In recent years, this style of lighting has grown in popularity, according to a top electrician team in Hoppers Crossing.

Many modern kitchens and loving rooms make the most of a common form of recessed lighting: downlights. These tiny yet highly effective and efficient devices can effectively light a large room at relatively little cost. That being said, there are some very frequently mistakes that electricians come across when working on lighting in these rooms. First and foremost, the vast majority of people tend to assume that downlights are most effective when installed in an even grid. While this might intuitively look better, it is not necessarily the most efficient way to light your space. Some areas, such as the kitchen bench and the stovetop, will need more intense light than others. Some corners might be visually busier and therefore appear darker. Perhaps there is a raised platform or stairs separating your kitchen and dining, and these will need extra lighting for safety reasons. A good tip is to draw up a blue print of the space with furniture drawn in to scale. Then begin placing your lights in the areas such as those mentioned where a downlight is essential. Then from this you can begin to fill in the remaining space in a logical fashion. If you are working with an interior designer in your renovations, then this is certainly an area in which they will be able to help. Otherwise, your installation electrician will also be able to offer some valuable insight.

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Recessed lighting has the fantastic advantage of opening up a space. In today’s real estate market, everyone is constantly on the lookout for ways in which they can make the most of the space they have and make rooms appear bigger, as space is becoming more and more of an expensive commodity. Pendant lamps and other decorative fixtures intrude down from the ceiling into the room space, and can have the effect of closing in the space. By contrast, recessed lighting by definition is removed from the room, and sit beyond the ceiling. Of course, if you live in a much older home with high ceilings, then downlights may not be able to provide the level of light that you require. As downlights shine downward only as the name suggests, it can be a good idea to install some within your cupboard space as well, otherwise these areas will be in shadow.

If you are using recessed lighting in an area that is not so function oriented as the kitchen, perhaps the bedroom or living room, then it is a great idea to install dimmer switches so that you can manipulate the intensity of the lighting and adapt to changing situations. Watching a movie is an example of a time when you want just a very dim light in the background. It can be a good idea to have separate dimming switched for different zones, rather than dimming all lights in a room at once. Over the bed, reading downlights directly above the bed head might each require a separate dimmer or power switch so that one can sleep while the other reads.  In many cases downlights are installed with a swivel feature, so that they can be angled slightly when extra light is required.

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