Solve Your Window Problems

Windows can suffer a variety of problems over the years, from minor sticking to being completely shattered. Learn how to overcome these issues first with repair, and if necessary with quality glass replacement in Adelaide.

If you find that your windows are particularly stiff, or simply will not open at all, then you will need to take a look at what has been going wrong. More often than not, the wood can swell slightly in hot or humid weather, and instead of shrinking back to normal, it can warp and make opening your windows difficult. Another reason that your windows can stick is if you have recently had them painted and did not leave them open for a couple of weeks. Even if the paint looks dry, it could fuse with another surface when shut. Take a look at your windows from the outside, and specifically inspect the seal. A chisel and hammer will be needed to gently chisel away at the seal until it can be opened. Then, examine the sash track and ensure it is clear and well lubricated. If the putty is hardened and is the cause of the obstruction, then it needs to be removed. First, brush some linseed oil over the affected area and allow it to soak in. This will make the putty more malleable and easier to remove. Sandpaper the surface down if it is rough or uneven. Stiff windows can also benefit from an oiling of the hinges from time to time.

Glass Replacement in Adelaide

Broken window panes are a nightmare. The shattered pieces are incredibly dangerous for anyone in the area, and cleaning the space can also be tricky. The open hole can let in wind and rain, causing damage to the inside walls and keeping your awake at night. A broken window is also of course an open invitation to burglars to come in and take what they please. The good news is that it does not take long to replace a broken window with a brand new pane of glass and prevent all these problems. First, you will need to remove any jagged edges of glass that remain in the frame. Wear protective gloves and have some sheets of newspaper on hand in which you can wrap the pieces before discarding them. If you would rather a professional handle this in the safest possible way, then section off the area and call for a glass replacement team to visit. They will remove the old glass before they begin.

Fitting a new pane is probably a task best left to the professionals, as it requires some precise measurement, practical skills and access to specialised equipment and materials. For example, the new pane needs to be precisely the correct size, which is slightly smaller than the frame itself, so that there is room for expansion and contraction in the different weather conditions.

Another common issue is with small chips in your window pane. Anything from kids playing with toys to seeds being churned by the lawnmower can cause these little imperfections on both sides of the glass. While most people will prefer to get the glass replaced in this instance, some might just want a quick fix to minimise the impact of the flaw. Some DIYers have advocated dabbing some clear nail polish over the area to fill the hole, waiting for it to dry, and then reapplying until the hole is filled. Keep in mind that this process will not overcome the weakness of the hole, and to prevent further damage the best idea is to replace the entire window.

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