Create Stunning Mood Lighting In Your Home

Mood lighting can turn a room from ordinary into extraordinary. Choose this delicate atmosphere for rooms such as the bedrooms. Find out more about great mood lighting from a successful electrician in Hoppers Crossing.

Before you begin thinking about the actual lighting fixtures that will light up your space, there are some structural things to consider as well. This means that if you do intend to succeed with creating a muted and intriguing lighting environment, you will have to plan it right from the beginning. Mood lighting is all about subtlety, so you want to rethink your whole approach to lighting as solely a ceiling feature. One way to mute the intensity of the light is to take it out of the direct eye line. A common feature then is floor or low lighting, often under a ledge so that it looks like a soft glow. Under the bed, under the edges of cupboards or just under an overhanging skirting board can all look fantastic. Ceiling lights are of course not totally dismissed, and in fact recessed lighting in a ceiling cavity can really nail the look. This is particularly successful in en suites or walk in wardrobes. There are different purposes for different lighting throughout the home. Outdoors and bathrooms might need functional or safety lighting, whereas living rooms might go for a more decorative feel with pendants and floor lamps. The bedroom is a common spot for experimenting with ambient lighting which sets the tone of the space.

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 Also in the structure of the room you will want to consider the textures of walls and surfaces. Glossy wallpaper, for example, is not the best choice to complement your soft lighting. This texture can sometimes bounce the light off the walls and ruin the subtle aesthetic. Grainy textures can also alter the impact of hidden or muted lighting, and glossy windows are also an obstacle. Cover these with rich matte curtains so you can enjoy sunlight in the day time and a sensual aesthetic in the evenings. Mirrors can either work in your favour or against you, depending on their placement. Never have a light directly shining on a mirror, as this will be far too blinding. However, mirrors more generally placed can exaggerate the effect that you have achieved.

Now that the rest of your room is adapted to catering for mood lighting, it is time to focus on the lights themselves. Subtlety is key and so mood lighting relies on the simplest of lighting fixtures, often the lighting devices themselves are hidden. Look at downlights that offer a warm, yellow light rather than a bathroom, clinical feel. Choose bulbs or lights with lower wattages so that the lighting intensity is appropriate for the style you are trying to achieve. Mood lighting also commonly plays around with colours and layers, and lamp shades or lanterns are magnificent additions to your space. You can cast subtle shadowy patterns or overlap different colours to create a mottled lighting effect. Of you do want to experiment with colour, stick to two or three colours that blend together well, otherwise the room can end up looking confused and messy. Unless you want your place to look like a club, it might be best to avoid brighter colours like blur or green and go for softer tones.

You can be quite inventive when it comes to mood lighting, and many of the standard practical lighting rules don’t apply. For example, you don’t need to light up every nook and cranny. In fact, a darkened corner can make the appearance of the room all the more impressive. Chat to a Professional Electrician Specialist in Hoppers Crossing from Electricians On Call

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