Moving Far Away From Home

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, most home buyers are purchasing a property that is in close proximity to their previous residence. Then again, a change of scenery can be a good thing for experiencing a new lifestyle or moving up the property ladder. So should you look for the comfortable or the daring when purchasing new land for sale in Melbourne?

Land for Sale in Melbourne
Youth is a time of transition, change and excitement. At this stage life is full of possibilities, and we tend to be more open to being flexible. If a dream job opened up interstate we might consider moving for example, whereas in later life this uprooting of a lifestyle might be seen as too disruptive. Relationships during the 20s and 30s tend to be more fluid. Couples break up, friends go their separate ways and new unions can form. It is safe to say that a larger proportion of middle aged residents are married or in committed relationships, and so moving is not something so commonly encountered, or if it is people tend to like to move within a couple of suburbs because it is what they are used to.

Melbourne has experienced rapid growth and change in the last decade. You may have got a great deal in Carlton on a house then, but since then this suburb has become highly sought after. The savvy investor, or simply the money-conscious buyer, might like to reconsider which suburbs and areas are now considered up and coming, or predicted to rise. You might find that this move takes you to a whole different side of the city.

A change of location can mean a completely renewed lifestyle. Why not consider moving to the seaside for a sea change? While it cannot be guaranteed that every day will be like a holiday, who could ignore those spectacular views and that laidback lifestyle? In many other cities, the decision is between a good paying job in the city and a beautiful house by the coast. Melbourne is in a unique position where both of these things are possible. St Kilda for example would be less than an hour in traffic from the CBD, a commute that is expected by many Melbournians. If you are looking further out, then be prepared that your salary might suffer, unless you are in a position to work remotely. 

Before committing to any one place, make sure that you have seen your property and the climate throughout the year. The idyllic summer sunsets might be stunning, but if the winters are completely bitter and icy then it might unsweeten the deal for you. It is even a good idea to consider a short term rental lease in the area first so that there are no nasty surprises when you buy your home. This kind of combines the two extremes mentioned earlier. You are making a dramatic change, but also want to make sure that you are comfortable with the new surroundings before making that all-important decision.

Moving to a new place can be liberating and can teach you a lot about yourself. In terms of career it can open up a whole new branch of possibilities, and it encourages you to actively network and build new connections and relationships. It can also offer investment and growth opportunities that not everyone in the city will experience, but must be chosen wisely. Think outside the box when looking for your next home. Consult with a professional real estate service about purchasing sensible land for sale in Melbourne and in the surrounding countryside or coast.

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